Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #69

First up on today’s list of favourites is the bank holiday weekend. So. Much. Good. Stuff. Fi mentioned the gardening and all the baking in last week’s round up – cheater! But she didn’t mention the Sunday funday that was Easter Sunday at the parents’ house. Fi and I drove down to Surrey first thing Sunday morning in just 30 minutes. Hooray that we left early and that everyone else was either snoozing the morning away or in a Chocolate coma. Anyway once at the parental units we managed to pack in all the things. From dog walks in the bluebell woods, to homemade birthday cake, birthday presents and board games. It was a pretty wonderful 36 hours. Fun fact, Mum and I completely lost our game of Trivial Pursuit, even though we had 6 pieces of pie when Dad, Fi & Becca only had two. I don’t know how we do it!

Number two on my list is going back to work – yes, I actually said it. Honestly though I’ve enjoyed going back to work this week. I had six days off and by the end of it I was ready to get back to doing things. Who the hell am I? To be honest the sunny morning have helped the situation. Although where that sunshine has gone today I don’t know!

Also this week I’ve been really productive on the food preparation front. I know it sounds crazy but I’ve enjoyed taking my lunch and breakfast with me to work each day. I’ve found that when I don’t do this I end up in a spiral of spending a fortune each day on food. This week I’ve picked up the occasional carton of orange juice but otherwise I’ve been all about alternating between breakfast biscuits or yogurt and granola for breakfast. Plus I batched up boxes of couscous and roasted vegetables at the start of the week, so all I’ve had to do each night is shove some chicken or a piece of quiche on top of the couscous and yummy lunch is a go! I’m going to aim to keep this up next week too as I definitely want it to become a habit. Perhaps it’s time to bake my breakfast muffins again, it’s been a while and they’d be the perfect post swim breakfast.

The fourth spot on this list of favourites goes to Tim Tams. The parental units gave me (okay, and Fi too) a couple of packets of Tim Tams on their return from Australia. I’m not going to lie, these were one of my favourite birthday presents. The caramel flavour is dreamy, especially once it’s been chilled off in the fridge for a couple of hours. Honestly, one of these after dinner is becoming my favourite past time. Yes, that’s totally a thing that people should own up to.

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To finish of my list of favourites for the week is my current book. I started reading Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult over the long weekend and I am utterly engrossed. Like every other Picoult book I’ve read this one had me hooked from the start with well written characters and a thoroughly engaging story. I’m so intrigued to know how this one is going to end and I’m sure it will have plenty of twists and turns before it concludes. I can’t wait!

So there we have it, my list of favourites for this week. What has helped you through this post Easter week? Are you still eating the Easter chocolate? I’ll be honest, it only took me two days to eat my Lindt bunny, but I have still got my Mini Egg egg waiting to be devoured. That’s my weekend plans all sorted 😉

Laura xx