The Home Front: The March House Update

Good Morning! How is everyone today. It’s Laura here, just dropping in to share a little house update with you all. Now I know that Fi normally does these, but I’ve decided that the March house update is coming from me. I think that Fi sometimes freaks out if we don’t do enough each month – which is crazy – so I’m popping in to give her a little reality check!

March House Update: What’s been ticked off the list?

So first up on this March house update I have to tell you that we have finally, finally boarded our loft. Hallelujah! It’s been a long time coming as we had originally decided that we were going to do this ourselves. But this never actually happened and we realised that in reality we were never going to get around to it. So early on in March, I took a day off work to let in the loft men and a couple of hours later our loft was boarded.

We’ve now got a lovely big space to put all of the things. So far we’ve only moved the five boxes of Christmas paraphernalia upstairs. We do need to move the suitcases of seasonal clothes upstairs too, but I want to first switch out the summer stuff and replace it with the winter coats and jumpers. As soon as that’s done then up they’ll go too.

Also in March Fi ordered herself a new bed. She’s been debating which bed since Christmas, but she finally made a decision and got ordering. So we spent a Saturday morning putting up her new bed and moving all her bedroom furniture around. It’s was basically a room spring clean, which is always fun to do. I think she’s planning a bedroom update on her soon, so she’ll share all the details then.

In last month’s post Fi mentioned that my bookshelves were now up and painted but that shelf faffing was still required. We’ll I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that I have now finished organising all my books and photos to create the most perfect looking shelves you could imagine. I’ve finally had the chance to use my bookends and put my books and photo albums on display. I still need to get some storage baskets for the shelves at the bottom, but it’s so almost there that I am declaring it finished.

We also spent a few hours last week putting up pictures. So I’ve finally put up three frames in my room. Two of these were Christmas presents from two years ago, so it’s high time that I’ve put these up. The other frame has a Beauty & the Beast print which was a thirtieth birthday present, so again, it was long over due. In my defence I wanted to get my shelves up before I decided where to put all the pictures. We have also added Fi’s collection of brightly painted ceramic fish to the bathroom. They’ve gone on the white wall along the very top and they bring in some more colour without clashing with the coral and navy.

March House Update: What jobs have we progressed with?

In terms of progression, we’re getting there with the garden. Last weekend we weeded the front and back garden flowerbeds. We’ve also sorted out our hose. I know how ridiculous this sounds, but last summer we bought a new hose pipe and just didn’t get around to installing it. So that’s now done.

March House Update: What’s the plan for April?

In April I’d love it if we could make some decision about the fireplace and actually get that completed. If we could do that, then we’d be able to paint the last wall in the living room and then that room would be done. The problem is that Fi and are can’t find anyone to do what we need. So if you know any plasters or handymen in South London send them my way.

So we’ve already mentioned the garden, we’ll as spring has arrived, we’ll be cracking on with these even further. We’re waiting for the council to pick up our green waste bin and then we’ll be removing the final weeds before looking at getting some plants in to brighten up the place.

Also in April I’m keen to head to Ikea for another kitchen conversation. We’ve been to Homebase and the prices there seemed extortionate so we’re going to look at Ikea now. And I know that kitchens are expensive, but there’s still a limit! We actually had an Ikea kitchen in our old flat and loved it, we called it our rhubarb and custard kitchen as that was the colour palette and it really was lovely. Anyway I’m intrigued to see how a design from there could work in our current kitchen. Watch this space.

So there we have it, that’s what we’ve been up to on the house front in March. Check out previous updates at the following links; January and February.

Laura x

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