Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #72

Happy Friday Favourites day people! Also we’re over halfway through May. How the fliberty jibbit did that happen? One minute it is Easter and the next you are on your way back from Salzburg and your next holiday is ages away. Woe is me times, hey?! This week has been a quiet one, which has been blissful. After my long weekend in Salzburg and a couple of long work weeks it is exactly what I needed. Once again I’d forgotten the need to schedule in quiet, no plans, time. Often times I feel guilty if I have a quiet week, I feel like I’ll have nothing to share in these Friday Fave posts. Which is silly, because while my week has been a case of wake up, work, home, sofa, dinner, bed, repeat. There have still be snippets of the good stuff in there. Like the fact that I had a swim lane to myself on Tuesday morning. Or that I added some great new music to my Spotify playlist. Or the fact that I ate cereal or toast for dinner two days in a row. Hashtag winning at life.

Fi has been away for most of this week which means I’ve had the house to myself. And it has been lovely. It’s not that I don’t love having a housemate, it’s just that having the house to myself has been especially lovely. No having to time showers in the morning so that you both get out of the house on time. There’s no one to fight with over the TV remote, so if I want to watch five episodes of The Americans in one go then I can. FYI I’m halfway through Season 2 and I’m obsessed!

After doing my daughterly duty on Friday and puppy sitting for the parental units, I stayed down in Surrey for a little longer. Basically I basked in the sunshine in the countryside, read my book and then joined my Dad for a long dog walk. We headed over to the woodlands which are close to my parents house and explored. We went completely off the beaten track for a good 50 minutes and found the most beautiful bluebells. Bluebells are my absolute favourites. The colour of a blanket of bluebells in the woods is just gorgeous, and photos just can’t do it justice.

Next up is the Sunday’s Streatham Kite Festival. I’ve managed to miss this event ever since I’ve lived in Streatham so you can imagine my excitement when I realised that I was around for it. The festival is basically a lot of people flying kites. They’ve got giant kites and professional kite fliers performing too. The common was full of families picnicking and flying kites. There were bouncy castles, stalls selling local produce and bands playing. The fact that it was a super sunny day made it that much more enjoyable too and I was still bemoaning the fact that we’d not brought our own picnic. We watched a couple of the shows; one where a team of two were showing off their kite synchronizing skills and the other where one man flew three kites – it was amazing. I have no idea how either show was possible.

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There’s a running joke between a group of my friends that I have a pajama obsession. I’m not even going to dispute that fact, as it’s probably true. What can I say, I love my bed and pajamas are an essential part of that! Anyway I spotted these beauties in Tesco’s over the weekend and I couldn’t resist them. Obviously I purchased them, and I’m adding them to this Friday Favourites list, because when you find good PJs you have to share!

And one more for the Friday favourites list: Riverdale. I finished the last four episodes of this Netflix series this week and it was a spectacular ending. I loved these comics as a kid and I’m pleased to see where the series has gone. Have you watched it? What did you think? Perhaps it’s time to update my favourite boxsets post

How was your week? I hope you had lots of favourite things to keep you going this week. Have a lovely weekend.

Laura xx