Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #73

For obvious reasons it’s been even more important than normal to focus on the positives this week. My heart broke when I woke on Tuesday to the awful news about the atrocities in Manchester. It’s just so difficult to comprehend something so tragic. Those poor, poor families. It’s been so wonderful to hear the stories of courage and kindness happening in the wake, and during, the traumatic events of Monday night. These amazing human beings are a very important reminder that heroes and goodness exist even in the darkest of times. And that’s point one on today’s list of favourite things over the last week.

Secondly, how nice is this sunshine. I’m loving being able to sit in the park at lunchtime, have the windows flung open as I cook dinner or live in my Saltwaters. It really does make such a difference! Welcome back sunshine and hello summer. Thanks for joining us!

Talking of the glorious sunshine, it’s meant I’ve been able to enjoy the return of my favourite drinks this week – the simple iced coffee. Hallelujah! This week I tried the new Starbucks Iced Cappuccino and so many iced lattes I’m surprised I’ve not turned into one. I’ve even started making my own iced coffees at home. Top tip, make a french presse of coffee, pour into a bottle and leave to cool in the fridge overnight. So, so good first thing in the morning! We wrote about our lovely iced coffee recipe ages ago if you’re tempted to give it a whirl!

If you follow my Instagram then you’ll have seen that on Sunday I had a day in London town with the sisters. The birthday adventure started at Wahaca where we fueled up! And then it was into The Vaults for Alice’s Adventures Underground, an immersive theater experience unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Seriously it was phenomenal, you MUST go and watch it if you can get tickets. It’s so cool.

So what else has made it to the favourite things list this week? Well one lovely thing that I did this week is an evening of prosseco, pizza and pottery, well minus the prosecco because yuck. Yes on Thursday night I headed back to my hometown for a night of painting pottery and pizza at the local ceramics cafe. There were nine of us in our group, including the sisters, The Mothership and some of our oldest family friends. It was so nice to hang with these guys and have a relaxed and fun catch up. Also, who knew these ladies were so supremely talented – I was seriously impressed!

The final thing on today’s favourite things list is the potential joy that will happen with a three-day weekend! I have quite a chilled one planned and I can’t wait. So far I’ve planned a catch up with my oldest friends that will involve a dog walk and lunch in the garden so we can enjoy the sunshine (and the Pupster) and a much-needed Ikea trip. But apart from that, the weekend is my oyster. Unless I fall down the inevitable Netflix hole of course! Yeah for three days of bliss. What are you up to this weekend, something exciting I hope!

-Fi x