Life Rambles: May’s Favourite Online Reads

favourite online reads

It’s been a while since I shared a list of my favourite online reads, in fact it was way back in February! How on earth did three months pass – that’s insanity?! If you didn’t read the original post have a gander over here: Interesting Online Reads. So anyway back on to today’s post. Read on to see some of my recently spotted favourite online reads. You lucky things!

Favourite Online Reads: The Articles

First up we have the interesting articles portion of the list, and link one is a good ‘un. Do you know what 2000 calories looks like at your favourite restaurants and fast food chains? No, me either. But now you do and it is fascinating! Some of the meals are obviously ridiculous, but some I found surprising. What about you, anything shocking on this one?

This infographic makes a really valid point – how useful would it have been to have learnt the importance of failure or simple ideas, or to have been taught how to negotiate while at school. Far more important than surds if you ask me!

Favourite Online Reads: The Blog Posts

Now this might make me a super boring individual but I was very happy to come across this cleaning download over on I Heart Organising. I know, I know, super boring thing to say. But I don’t like my current situ which is to barely clean and then have to spend a whole day doing it as somehow I’m living in a pigsty. This download could be a game changer.

If you’re anything like me and Instagram obsessed you’re probably guilty of following a few million people. But, let me ask you this, how many of the posts you see do you actually like and engage with? I bet if you think about it you’ll realise not that many. That’s what I found when I did a recent Instagram cull and I’m glad I did, why waste my time on things that don’t bring me joy? Hannah discusses something similar in her recent post – she puts it best when she says ‘It’s about the person or the people behind the image’, it’s not about the ‘perfect’ Instagram shot. Preach!

I’m always interested in online marketing tips, so Holly’s recent post about blogs to help you improve your online marketing is most certainly a must-read. Get on that asap!

After reading Sara’s latest post I think it’s safe to say I’m 25% webtrovert. What about you, do you empathise with what she’s saying?

A Beautiful Mess rarely do a blog post that I don’t love, but most recently I particularly enjoyed their dessert dip trio post. I mean seriously, three sweet dips – including cookie dough. A-MAZE-ING!

Favourite Online Reads: From the Twitter/YouTube/Instagram Universe

I stumbled across Lily Pebbles’ vlog about bullet journaling recently and it reminded me just how much I love bullet journaling, despite the rut I seem to have got into with it recently. So now I’m upping my journaling game and reminding myself why I love it. If you have any bullet journal favourite layouts – send them my way!

Did you see the Notre Dame graduates who walked out of their own graduation ceremony in protest of VP Pence this past weekend? I am so proud that people like that exist on this earth. People should stand up for what they believe in, and when it’s a peaceful protest like this was how can you criticise? I think they made their point about Pence quite brilliantly, don’t you? And if anyone is criticising them let us not forget that Pence walked out of a theatre in protest when the cast of Hamilton asked him to show tolerance when he became VP.

I’ve seen a number of people talking about the lovely bedding currently in Matalan and now want it all, particularly this colourful set. Plus there has been a lot of love for this coral Joules bag, I wanted the blue version for my birthday but didn’t get it and now that it’s sold out i seem to have transferred my obsession to the coral version instead. Oops!

So there we have it, my favourite links from around the internet this month so far. What stories and blogs have caught your interest this week? Do share!

-Fi x