Out and About: Places to Eat in Oxford

A blog post all about food? Isn’t this the best thing ever? Today I’m sharing a few of the food places Fi and I sampled during our birthday trip to Oxford. When we were planning our trip I looked online for some blog posts detailing places to eat in Oxford, but I came up empty-handed. They just didn’t exist. So here is one for anyone else looking for something similar.

Luckily as part of my planning I sent out SOS emails to friends for a list of things to do and places to eat. And they did not disappoint at all. There’s something about friend recommendations that really help me discover a city. It means that while you can explore and discover, you will always have a back up, just in case.

George & Davis

This place serves the most incredible bagels. I’m talking about bagels that are just as good as the ones you can get in New York. There are a multitude of different fillings to be found, so making a choice was hard. I went with a toasted brie, bacon and cranberry bagel and I am still having dreams about it. G&D also sells homemade ice cream and I highly recommend you get one to enjoy while you wander around the city. I went with a scoop each of vanilla and after eight and I was not disappointed. Both the bagels and the ice cream are a must if you are looking for places to eat in the city that are cheap, quick and tasty.


This is a thai street food restaurant on George Street which has a quirky restaurant and so truly flavoursome food. It’s one of a chain of restaurants, but don’t let this put you off, as the food is really tasty and the cocktails plentiful. I highly recommend getting a starter platter so that you can try a few different things, like the chicken satay and pork dumplings. Oh and get a basket of thai prawn crackers, which come with a huge bowl of chilli dipping sauce.


Another chain, but this Paul patisserie on the high street is a great place to eat breakfast. The pastries are so good, and the coffee is strong – just how I like it! There’s an upstairs room that gives you a great view of the city, and it’s quiet enough so that you can make plans for the day ahead while you wait for the coffee to kick in and wake you up.

The Grand Cafe

The Grand Cafe sits on the site of the first coffee-house in England, which was way back in 1650. So it’s like a piece of history, right there in Oxford, surrounded by all the other history obviously! It’s a small little shop on the High Street with a crowd of tables. So you’ll need to squeeze yourself into your table space. But it’s got a certain charm to it, with lots of dark wood and a wall covered in mirrors.

We stopped in here mid-afternoon and it was very busy, so we waited 5/10 minutes for a table. We then both opted for the cream tea which gets you two scones with jam and clotted cream plus a tea or coffee. The scones were so good, all light and fluffy and delicious. The sandwiches and the other cake options all looked tasty too and I think if we were there longer we’d probably have nipped back to try them out.

Ben’s Cookies

This is the original location of the cookie shop. We wandered past this place within the covered market, but didn’t stop as we had ice cream plans for later in the day. Plus I work right next to a Ben’s Cookies in London, so I can feast on these all the time. However, if you’re in Oxford and need a sweet treat, then look no further than Ben’s. The cookies are big and soft and chewy and literally melt in your mouth. My favourite flavour is the white chocolate. So good.

Have you ever been to this historic city? What are your suggestions for places to eat and drink in Oxford? You can also read more about our trip to Oxford on last week’s 24 hours in Oxford post.

Laura xx