Summertime Wishlist

Today I’m sharing a quick wishlist post. I love making these. They allow me to fulfil my love of shopping and browsing online without actually buying anything too much. This blog post was meant to be up and online a few days ago. But I spent the weekend with the puppy, pottering in the garden, watching the kites on Streatham Common and finishing off a good book. And suddenly the weekend was over and I’d not written my wishlist, or any other posts. Oops! Never mind, it’s totally worth the wait, I promise! 

Summer Favourites wishlist

I’m totally in love will all of the items in the wishlist above. I think it’s quite clear that I am once again embracing navy and splashes of red/coral to go along with the other neutral tones. I’m not sure why I’m always drawn to blue and navy, but I’m not going to fight it.

Aren’t the patterns in Cath Kidston just divine right now? The lobster one just makes me smile so much. I’m also eagerly awaiting the latest Disney collaboration too, it’s going to be 101 Dalmations. Please tell me I’m not the only one excited about wearing an outfit covered in cute puppies?!

I’m also currently a proud owner of an M&S voucher which I received for my birthday. Which is exciting, as M&S is winning in the summer clothes department right now. Hence the addition of the shoes, and two skirts above. I’m currently debating between something that will fit into both my work wardrobe and my weekend wardrobe, or something utterly unpractical but holiday perfect. Considering my next holiday is in September, I should probably go the sensible route. 

I’m also trying to hold off on the spending of said voucher for as long as possible, because it makes it that much more exciting when it is eventually spent. Does anyone else do that? I managed to wait four months with my Waterstones vouchers from Christmas. So watch this space and I promise to let you know as, and when I make a purchase.

What are you lovely lot coveting in the shops right now. Do you have a summertime wishlist or a couple of items of clothes that you are dreaming about? Or are you treating yourself in time for your summer holiday? Do share, I’d love to know.

Laura x