Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #76

Gosh this week has been an odd one. I feel like I can’t write this post without talking about events in London right now. Waking to the news about the Grenfell Tower fire on Wednesday morning was such a shock. Each update on the situation is horrifying and the number of missing people is heartbreaking. I really have no words for the whole situation. I feel like the more we learn over the coming weeks the more horrified we will all feel.

But alongside these more negative feelings are the positive ones. It is awe inspiring the way that everyone is trying to help. Both the number of donations that are being received and the amount of money that people are giving is remarkable, and reminds me again what a wonderful city I live in. So the goodness of the human spirit has to be one of my favourite moments of the week. And it will be the thing that I focus on in all of this.

On Sunday the sisterlings and I had a Evans sisters brunch. We split the shopping list and all meet up for a homemade brunch. Fi did all the cooking and Becca and I were chief coffee maker and table layer. Both very important jobs obviously! Anyway we say down to a feast of homemade pancakes with all the toppings. I’m talking yogurt, nutella, honey and all the fruit. So so good. We then spent the post brunch lull having a lego competition, as you do and it was perfect. I think this sort of Sunday could become a regular occurrence now that Becca has moved nearer to me and Fi.

Next up on the list of favourite moments of the week is the fact that I went for a run on Tuesday evening after work. Despite what you might think this is a happy thing as I’ve not been for a run after work for such a long time. In fact the last time was probably when I was training for my last half marathon in March last year. Anyway, I went for a post work run and it was actually really good. Yes, I still find it hard to get home and then head out again, but it was well worth it. The fact that the sun was shining probably helped.

Wednesday night saw me take a trip to the National Theatre to watch The Barber Shop Chronicles which I adored. We were lucky enough (or well planned enough) to have seats on the stage which gave us a brilliant viewpoint to the whole play. This is the first Inua Ellams’ play that I’ve seen, and I loved everything about it. From the story, the characters, the music, even the way they switched scenes and reset the stage was remarkably clever. I highly recommend you watch it if you get the chance.

One final thing to mention is tonight’s dinner which I have just finished prepping. I’ve decided that I need some sort of comfort food tonight, so i’m making this macaroni cheese. Now while I have my normal macaroni cheese recipe I’ve decided to make this one because I had a cauliflower to use up, so it seemed sensible to incorporate it. Hopefully the sauce will be thick and flavoursome, so fingers crossed. I know it’s not really the weather for it, but this is what I fancy, so this is what I’m going for tonight. Because I’m an adult and these are the sort of choices that I get to make!

So there we have it, my favourite moments of the week. What has helped you get through this week? And what are your weekend plans? I’ve got Father’s Day plans with the family and then I’m hoping to get to both Borough Market and then Tooting Lido too. So watch this space!

Laura xx