Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #74

How is it Friday already and how are we into June? Seriously where is the time going? It’s totally flying by! And now I sound just like my parents! But seriously I’m not ready for it to be the summer yet. Can we rewind just a little bit please? Just a month or two? In order to cheer myself up, or at the very least ignore the upsetting passage of time, let us jump right into today’s list of Friday favourites.

First up on on the Friday Favourites list is the bank holiday weekend. I was off work on Friday afternoon so I actually had 3.5 days of bank holiday fun. Which was glorious. I wrote this post a couple of days ago about everything that I got up to, so head that way if you’re interested. Suffice to say I managed to do all the cliche bank holiday things – gardening, a trip to Ikea and lots of baking. Totally blissful.

Friday favourites number two is my organisational skills and the fact that I made these muffins on Monday, which means that I have been eating these for breakfast all this week. Although not this morning as they ran out yesterday, but still I had bacon and cheese goodness for breakfast three days in a row. Hooray for that.

Next up is Thresholds, the Mat Collishaw virtual reality exhibition that is currently on at Somerset House. I nipped over to see this on Monday lunchtime, not really knowing what to expect. And left utterly amazed. Basically it’s a virtual reality retelling of one of the first photography exhibitions bak in the 1800s. So you get led through a talk on what virtual reality actually is, before getting hooked up to headsets and headphones and entering the exhibition to see the recreation. It’s a bit odd to start with, but it becomes normal super quickly. I now get what VR actually does, and I can’t stop thinking about how we may use this technology in the future.

I’ve had zero plans this week which has been great, especially as Fi has been a busy bee and out and about a lot. Which means I have been able to binge watch my way into season three of The Americans. Anyway, last night we decided to have an evening in together, with good food and the last in the series of Grey’s Anatomy. Spoiler, I balled my eyes out during the show! Anyway we stocked up on salad, pitta breads, vegetable couscous and prawns ready for optimum food situation, because who wants to think about cooking something when it’s as warm as it’s been this week? Plus I walked passed the newly opened Crosstown Doughnuts and had to nip in for a couple of sugary treats. We shared the jam doughnut and the chocolate ring and it was the perfect combination.

To round up today’s favourites list is a couple of recent reads. First up is The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas which is excellent. It might just have become my favourite book of the year. The characters are well-written, fully formed and interesting and the story is so important. The book explores the issue of race in America and to me it feels like a must read for everyone.

After The Hate U Give I started reading The Power by Naomi Alderman. Now this I actually gave up on after only five pages as I wasn’t feeling it, but I decided to persevere and give it another go. It turns out that all I needed was a slightly slow commute to work and suddenly I’m hooked. I guess technically it’s a sci-fi book but it’s more than that. It’s got a really clever concept, girls suddenly (and literally) hold The Power in their hands. The book follows four different characters as they adapt to this power and the changes that it brings to the whole world. I’m about a third of the way through and I can’t wait to read the rest.

So there we have it. My Friday favourites list for the week. How has your week been? What’s been your highlight and what are you looking forward to this weekend?

Laura xxx