Out and About: Zoo Nights

Let’s talk about zoos. I love them. There’s something about seeing all these gorgeous animals in one place that’s magical. Granted it would be nicer all round to see them out in the world, but logistically and financially that’s not a possibility! I know morally a lot of people don’t agree with zoos. But I do, as long as the animals are treated well and cared for, which they definitely are at the zoos I’ve been too. I think you can tell if the animals are being mistreated. Anyway, I digress (shock)! I’ve been meaning to try ZSL’s Zoo Nights at London Zoo for ages and ages, but every year I promptly forget to book tickets until they’re all sold. Cue massive disappointment. But this year we were organised and on Friday we went to the zoo and it was the best!

Now if you haven’t heard of Zoo Nights, let me fill you in. It’s an evening event at London Zoo that runs from 6 – 10pm. It’s only for adults, strictly no children, and tickets costs about £17. The Zoo Nights only run on certain Fridays in the summer, so as you can imagine they sell out pretty quickly. As well as the usual animal stuff there’s also a whole host of other activities. There’s the addition of acrobats, a bar, music, street food stalls, quizzes, competitions and loads more. So it’s basically the best thing ever!

We arrived at 6 to make sure we made the most of the experience and headed straight to the bar for ‘Jungle Gin’ cocktails, beer and wine (all in boxes or plastic bottles). From there we staked a spot on giant beanbags and discussed our plan for the night. As we definitely didn’t want to miss anything!

From our planning session we headed to the tiger enclosure to see some snoozy cuties as well as some monkeys. Next it was on to see the penguins being fed before spotting some flamingos. From there we saw the giraffes being fed, found the slow lorises and bush babies as well as the zebras, warthogs and otters (too cute)! Oh and there were butterflies and lions too. We didn’t visit the lions until 9ish and by that point they were snoozing all curled up together. So that was pretty special. And then one of my favourite bits, walking through the enclosure with the monkeys who are literally a foot above your head larking around and having fun with their friends – so cool!

We literally saw all the animals in the zoo, except for the gorillas as the gorilla babies need to go to bed early and we weren’t allowed to disturb them – fair enough though! During our exploring we also stopped for plenty of food and drinks. From the duck burgers and chips, to the mini pancake situation and more cocktails, we were pretty well fueled! I honestly spent ten minutes wandering around all the street food stalls, there was so much choice: mac and cheese, curry, hot dogs, Greek wraps and churros. So good!

We finished off our evening sitting with a drink watching some of the acrobats perform. Not a bad way to end the night!

Have you ever been to Zoo Nights, or London Zoo, what did you think of it?