Wishlists: Summer Garden Makeover

Now that the sun has made an appearance I’m even more keen to sort out the garden and turn it into an extra room to enjoy. We’ve finally got a handle on the lawn, and are even remembering to mow it frequently – a sure sign of adulting in my opinion. The flowerbed is full of plants, that are still alive, thanks to regular watering and constant weeding. I’ve also discovered that I find weeding quite addictive, it’s quite therapeutic I think. Anyway, the garden looks good, but it still needs some love, in terms of extras. And that’s what this wishlist is; a summer garden makeover wishlist. It’s the things that have caught my eye recently that would pull the garden together into a relaxing place to spend time.

We’ve already got a table and chairs, which need a little love and a repaint, plus we’ve got blankets by the bucket load, but we really need an umbrella to shade us from the sun, and some light and heat for when it gets dark, but we don’t want to leave the garden and head inside.

Garden Delights

plates / hanging plant pot / hanging basket / lights / umbrella / firepit / chair

We have a giant shed at the back of our garden which needs a huge sort out, but the plan is to turn it into a games room someday. But not for awhile, as the funds are definitely not in place for the new doors, new lighting and bucket loads of paint that are required to tart the space up! But the outside of this shed is the perfect place to add some lights to jazz the garden up a little and give us light well into the evenings. Plus can you imagine curling up in this chair with a blanket and those lights? Heaven!

I spotted the hanging baskets and pots during my last Ikea visit, and I very nearly bought the whole lot. As we’ve only got one flower bed I figured these would look good hanging on the fence and the back of the house to give more space for flowers. I’ve also heard that strawberries grown in hanging baskets is a thing, and strawberries are my favourite fruit so that needs to happen soon. Definitely an easy win in terms of giving the garden a makeover.

And finally, those picnic plates. Now I know that these aren’t technically going to help in the garden makeover situation, but imagine eating dinner off these once the makeover is complete. Perfect right? You can’t beat a snazzy plate to liven up any eating occasion.

So there we have it, my garden makeover wishlist. What are your garden plans for the summer? Do you have a garden paradise? Or is it still a work in progress like mine?

Laura xx