All Things Fitness: Creating Better Habits

Back in 2014 I embraced a number of good habits and became so much healthier, not to mention happier, in myself. However, since then I’ve picked up those bad habits again and I’m not sure I’m happy with where I am and what I’ve done to my body and fitness levels. So instead of making excuses or pretending I’m okay with this I’ve decided to make some changes. Not insane changes, like never eating sugar again or running five miles a day. Instead I want to look at creating better habits. Ones that I live by for the rest of my life and not for five minutes to get me out of my current dissatisfied state.

I want my life to be about balance. About both treats and exercise. I no longer want to feel guilty about missing a run or for eating that second biscuit. I don’t want to count calories in things that are good for me – avocado I’m looking at you. I will track calories, but not when it comes to fruit and veggies. I don’t want to say no to a piece of fruit because that’s the snack that takes me ‘over’ my daily calorie goal. That’s not right. And that’s certainly not conducive for creating better habits.

As part of this focus on balance I want to start a fortnightly or weekly post about how this new way of life and these habits are good. Just some time for me to pop in and update you all on how my new habits are going. I’m currently thinking about how I format these posts, so if you have any ideas do let me know. At the moment I’m thinking of covering the following things:

  1. Daily Exercise
  2. Food – new recipes, new treats
  3. Next week’s goals
  4. Weigh in
  5. How I’m feeling

Let me be clear as well, this isn’t about dieting or an insane workout schedule. This is about finding balance and being healthier but I won’t be starving myself. After all I’m running a half marathon in three months. I can’t do that without fuel for my body. I just don’t need to be fueling my body with a chocolate bar at 4pm every afternoon when the afternoon slump occurs, or thinking that a three-mile run once in a blue moon will have me half marathon ready! Balance and healthier habits will get me there though – and that’s the focus!

I think I’ll probably share these posts on a Monday to allow me to recap on the week before and also as I hope it’ll keep me motivated to continue these habits, or more likely, jump back on these habits again for the new week. So all being well week one will appear on the 24th. Here’s hoping that by using the blog as a little online diary it’ll allow me to start taking better care of myself. Only time will tell!

-Fi x