All Things Fitness: Fitness Update, Week One

Fitness Update, Week One - All Things Fitness - This and That Blog

So here we are, it’s time for my fitness update, week one. Eek! So it’s not technically been a full week since I wrote my first post, all about creating better habits, so this won’t be a full post. Not least because I took very few photos. Oops! So please bear with me through all the text and very few pretty pictures! Anyway, let’s dive in to week one of the fitness update!

Fitness Update, Week One: Exercise

I only managed four moments of exercise this week, for some reason I had a bit of a moment mid-week. I just couldn’t get out of bed early enough to swim or run pre-work and then had plans in the evening, so it just didn’t happen. Oops, but four out of seven days isn’t bad for week one.

  • *Monday – Post-work run. 2.5m in 30 minutes
  • *Tuesday – Pre-work swim. 38 lengths in 30 minutes
  • *Friday – Walk through London. 75 minutes
  • *Sunday – Morning run. 4.5 miles in 57 minutes
  • *Total Steps – 59,000

Fitness Update, Week One - All Things Fitness - This and That Blog

Fitness Update, Week One: Food

Most of this week I’ve been good food wise, especially during the work week.

  • *Firstly breakfast wise I had either granola, yogurt and fruit from home or M&S’s Bircher Muesli for breakfast everyday this week. At the weekend it was cereal or toast, so not too bad at all.
  • *For lunches it’s mostly been all about the homemade salads, packed full of fresh veg, lettuce and chicken bits. I’ve also been adding M&S’s empanadas into the salads or guac or even half a mini pork pie to the lunch boxes so that it bulks it up a little bit. So yummy!
  • *Over the weekend lunches have been either fresh bread and ham and a Costco Sushi platter for lunch. Again, yummy!
  • *On Friday I had the most amazing afternoon tea for mu lunch and I’ve not stopped dreaming about it ever since. It was incredible, with the most yummy sandwiches, melt-in-the-mouth scones and cute little cakes.
  • *For dinners this week we’ve been adding extra veggies to everything and we’ve pretty much made everything from scratch. From our butternut squash and bean chilli (so delicious) and meatballs and pasta with a homemade tomato sauce to chicken and sweet potato fajitas and homemade salmon carbonara (my new fave pasta combo).
  • *There have been a couple of nights where I’ve been out, so I’d say the pulled pork burger wasn’t quite on the good side of the balance but it was on an exercise day. So there’s that balance coming in to play!

This thing that’s been my real downfall this week has been the snacks. While I’ve had two or three days of no snacks or extra coffees when at work, which is good. I’ve then not been quite so good when I’ve been at home. There’s definitely been too many biscuits or crisps, so I need to work on that big time.

Fitness Update, Week One - All Things Fitness - This and That Blog

Fitness Update, Week One: Results
  • *There’s been no weight loss this week, but then I’m not surprised as like I said I only really did it properly for half a week. But on the plus side – no weight gain either!
  • *One other good thing, I’ve definitely enjoyed feeling stronger on my runs so that’s something.
Fitness Update, Week One: Goals for the next week

I’m setting myself two goals for the next week, fingers crossed I can manage both things…

  • *First up I want to do exercise every day this week. I’m working over the weekend too, so that might make it extra tricky, but I’m determined to make it happen – even if it’s just 10,000 steps every day!
  • *Cut the bad snacking. This one is key as it’s so not something I’m good at. My go-to snacks are chocolate or crisps, so let’s make it all about the fruit or the treat-size chocolate bars (and stopping at one).

So there we go, that’s fitness update, week one done! Roll on week two – I’ve got this! Although, having said that, any helpful suggestions for me?

-Fi x