Out and About: Beach Ready


Last week I went to the beach for the day and it was perfect. It’s my first trip to the beach this year, so I wanted to make the most of it and get beach ready. Which is what I am sharing today. Now don’t worry I’m not about to become a beauty blogger! For me beach ready means being organised, planned, and well packed in order to make the most of my time at the seashore.

There are so many utterly glorious beaches in the UK and they all deserve to be explored. My personal favourites are those along the Kent coast, in Wales and also Dorset. Mainly because these are the places I tend to head to, they are the places that I know. That being said I know that the rest of the UK coastline has some fabulous beach spots too. Maybe one day I’ll get to explore them all.

Now without further ado let’s dive into my tips for getting beach ready.

The Food

Tip number one when getting beach ready has to revolve around food, so first up it’s time to make a picnic. For me food at the beach is all about the grazing, so I always opt for individual rolls, pork pies, sharing packs of crisps (or pringles) and pieces of fruit.  If that feels like too much work then at the very least pack snacks and cold drinks. So that you can enjoy a couple of hours of beach time before heading for the nearest cafe or beach bar.

The Entertainment

You’re going to be on the beach for a good few hours, so make sure you’ve got captivating reading material, some music and beach games. I’m talking a football, a pack of cards or a bucket and spade to keep yourself entertained. Because if you’re on the beach then you are definitely young enough to make sandcastles!

Bring the Shade

Number three on the getting beach ready list is a beach umbrella or something similar to create some shade. Now I know everyone wants to get a tan, but a shady spot is not just for children and pets! We had the Luna dog with us so we needed shade, but actually the humans were much more enamoured with the umbrella than she was.

The thing is I always forget is just how hot the UK sun can be. Especially when you’re on the beach for a full day. The coastal wind completely tricks me into thinking I’m safe and out of the sun, until I get home and I’m lobster pink. So get a pop up tent or a sun umbrella that has UV protection in it. Then be the smug person on the beach who is totally cool and collected while others are turning into lobsters….

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Arrive Early

When it comes to heading to the beach I am definitely my Mother’s daughter. I like to get up early and get the driving done. The thing is there will be an afternoon sleep session, so an early start isn’t going to be that big of a problem to contend with. Plus you’ll be able to get the best beach spot and find a decent parking place to save you carrying all the beach paraphernalia too far.

Go off the Beaten Track

When heading to the beach try to find the quieter areas. That might mean walking a little further to get away from the main beach but it will be worth it. The beaches are more likely to be smaller, have less people and the water might even be calmer. Yes it will probably be a little further to walk to get ice cream but if you’ve packed all the snacks then that won’t be a problem!

So there you have it, my tips to being beach ready. Now go forth and enjoy the British summer.

Laura xx