Clothes Rail: Slogan Tees

If you’re of the same era as me you’ll have memories of slogan tees emblazoned with ‘Team Jacob’ or ‘Team Edward’ and while I didn’t own one (Team Edward FYI) I definitely wished I did. Yes I was that cool. But since the early 00’s there’s been somewhat of a resurgence of the slogan tee and I admit at first I wasn’t really on board with it as it didn’t really seem to fit into my new wardrobe ethos.

The main thing I discussed in my wardrobe planning post a while back was that I wanted to be the sort of person to ‘buy less, choose well’, so my wardrobe becomes a collection of clothes I adore, that work well together rather than a mishmash of things that I bought on a whim that I don’t like enough to wear regularly. To me a slogan tee, a very ‘now’ idea seemed to clash with this. Wouldn’t I wear a tshirt once and then forget about it. Would this just be a fad that I’d be over in a minute or two? So with that in mind, I waited and started to make sensible purchases that fitted into my wardrobe ethos instead.

For the last four months I’ve only bought clothes that I’ve actually needed and that fitted with the ‘buy less, choose well’ idea. So since January I’ve only purchased comfy skinny jeans, striped shirts, a swimming costume and underwear. Things that go nicely with numerous items in my wardrobe and that I love so I should get a lot of wear out of them. Particularly this Joanie swimsuit of my dreams. Talk about true love. And then I realised that somehow I was the owner of three new slogan tees, despite thinking they weren’t part of my wardrobe plan.

So clearly my initial thoughts on slogan tees existing in my new look wardrobe were wrong. Slogan tees featuring a pineapple and the call ‘to be happy’, with embroidery over the pocket and one with ‘We React’ emblazoned on it are clearly essential for my life.

And, even better, they do fit into my new style and wardrobe plan. I wear them with everything – they work under a jumper, over a dress, with shorts and jeans or tucked in to a fancy (or non fancy) skirt for work. There’s just nothing I don’t want to wear one with. What’s more they’ll work perfectly as we transition from summer to autumn and into winter – I just need to add another layer to any outfit that works with a slogan tee. This could be a blazer, a thicker jumper or just a cardi. Easy.

So after that u-turn I’ve decided I need to own more epic slogan tees in my life! Thankfully they’re everywhere right now so this is doable. In fact, here are my current top nine out in the shops right now.

Slogan Tees - Clothes Rail- This and That Blog

Oui Fresh’s ‘Babe With the Power’ tee / H&M’s ‘The Revolution is Female’ tee /  Joanie ‘perhaps’ tee / Muthahood’s ‘Strong Girls Club’ tee Joanie ‘La Mer’ tee / Oui Fresh’s ‘Brunch Club’ tee / Asos’ ‘Bee Kind’ tee / H&M ‘Unicorn Fan Club’ tee

Aren’t they just all divine? With their brilliant mix of female empowerment, quirky designs, foodie related lines and stripes. Plus you can’t go wrong with either monochrome or a pop of colour, am I right?! Plus I figure if the slogan on the t-shirt is one that will always ring true, then it does fit in with my ‘buy less, choose well’ plan – hurray!

So I clearly can’t get all nine, but which do you think I should add to my wardrobe next? I’m torn between the ‘Strong Girls Club’ and the stripey one, but I just can’t choose!

-Fi x