Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #78

Happy Friday friends! How are you all today? I’m on the last official day of my week off so I’m in that weird mix of joy from having had a fantastic week, to pain that it’s so close to being over. Woe is me! But as this is my Friday Favourites post I’m going to dwell only on the good things today, so read on for my happy things from the last week!

Happy Things - Life rambles - This and That Blog

Number one on the list? Going to the seaside. I was only by the sea for about 36 hours, but I had the best time ever. It’s been such a long time since I’ve been to a beach in the UK – in fact I can’t remember when it was. So it was glorious to be back in Sandbanks, my happy place, for a day of sunshine and paddling, lounging and ice cream. Definitely food for the soul. If you ignore the sunburn that also occurred. I also visited Mudeford for the first time and it’s gorgeous – I had no idea! It has the cutest little beach huts and there’s a number of perfect spots for sitting and watching the boats and paddle boarders go by. It was so lovely.

Happy Things - Life rambles - This and That Blog

We also made it over to the Isle of Wight as part of our seaside trip. So Thursday was the perfect day of walking from Ryde to Seaview and back, stopping only for lunch and ice cream. It’s about a 5 mile round trip, but with such stunning views that you barely even notice the distance. Not to mention the pupster is good at distracting you by being cute in the sea! I’ve been to Ryde before but never really branched further than the high street so wandering along a stretch of the coast was glorious. And pub lunches are always a good idea!

Happy Things - Life rambles - This and That Blog

Talking of good ideas, I started my week with a 4.5 mile run followed by a delicious brunch in Balham. I’ve not run that far in a long while, so it was reassuring to know that I can still run longer than 3 miles. Even if I did find it ridiculously hard. Here’s hoping that, by upping my training over the coming months, I’ll be ready for the half marathon in October…

Something else that made my happy things this week was getting back into my reading groove. I’ve not loved many of the books I’ve read recently but that seems to have been cured with the latest series by Sarah J Maas. I’ve basically raced through The Court of Thorns and Roses this week. Thank goodness. Apparently a fantasy series featuring fairies, a doomed couple, magic and a terrible curse was all I needed…

In other news this week has been a week of getting all the house jobs done. I’m really impressed at how much we’ve accomplished in just a couple of days. Everything from weeding to tidying, a deep clean to a loft sort out and baking and photo frame finding. This week has been immense in getting all the tasks done. A pat on the back to me!

My final happy things post has to be the absolutely beautiful Surrey golden hour. On Tuesday post the best barbecue ever we headed out on an evening dog walk back near the parents’. We set off just as the sun was starting to go down and we were greeted by the most beautiful sight. Just look! How incredible a view is that? The English countryside really is rather stunning isn’t it.

Happy Things - Life rambles - This and That Blog

So there we go, some of my favourite happy things from the last week. How’s your week been? Anything lovely to report? Do share!

-Fi x