Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #79

So before we dive into this Friday update here’s a question for you. Why is going back to work after a week off such hard work? Honestly I’ve felt absolutely exhausted this week, and there shouldn’t be any reason for it. It’s not like I had super long lie-ins last week that my body needs to forget. Or even that I’ve had a busy week so far. But I’m totally knackered! Hooray for Friday I guess!

So over to my Friday update and what has helped keep me going this week. First up, last weekend, we had friends visiting and we all took a trip to Bletchley Park, the home of the code breakers in WWII. It was an absolutely fascinating day out of London and I learnt so much about the work that took place during the war. The grounds are set up as they were during the war, and you can wander through the old house, the cottages and then the various huts, to get an idea of what life was like at Bletchley. What struck me was the level of secrecy that surrounded the work done here, it is absolutely astounding. I’m certain either Fi or I will write a post about our trip soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Next up is food! I went to The Diner for lunch yesterday and it was so good. There’s a branch of this restaurant just opposite my office, so it’s easy to trip and fall in! The next thing you know you have a basket of chicken and sweet potato fries, it’s odd how that happens, right?! Anyway, it’s been a while since I’d been to The Diner so I made the most of it by catching up with a friend over delicious food.

Now I have to admit that I haven’t been watching much of Wimbledon this year, you’d think with a week off I would have done, but for whatever reason I haven’t. What I did see, and what I loved, was Andy Murray’s post match interview (linked here) where he casually calls out a reported over an incident of everyday sexism. The complete and utter disdain he has for the reporter is brilliant. As is Judy Murray’s response to the incident (here). So thank you twitter for pointing both of these out to me, I got a lot of joy out of that!

Now let’s talk about the weekend, because everyone loves a weekend. First up i’m off to watch some cricket tonight at The Oval. Then on Saturday I’m going to an outdoor cinema in Croydon. Such fun! I’m also hoping to have a bit of a chilled out time and catch up on some much needed sleep. Plus I want to start half marathon training this weekend, October is going to come round so quickly. Eek! You’d think I’d feel better about training after three races, but nope not at all! Anyway, I’ll see what the weekend run brings before I panic about that!

So there we have it, a very brief Friday update for you as it’s all I can handle right now! I hope you all have an epic weekend planned, here’s to me getting a lot of sleep!

Laura xx