All Things Fitness: Fitness Update Week Five

 Fitness Update Week Five - All Things Fitness - This and That Blog

How are we on to week five of these posts already? That seems crazy! I’m definitely finding these posts useful each week – as it makes me stop and evaluate what has or hasn’t been good or worked each week. Hopefully they’re not too boring for you all!

Fitness Update Week Five: Exercise

  • *Guys, it’s a mini miracle as I made it through all my half marathon training sessions this week, yes even the early, early ones. Hooray for that. I think week four of half marathon training is really where things start to kick in and become a little easier. So thank goodness for that.
  • *Talking of things becoming a bit easier, I certainly found that on Sunday’s long run. It was two lots of 40 minutes running with a five minute break in between. Now just four weeks ago running for half an hour without stopping was a no no. But on Sunday’s run I managed to run without stopping for the whole of the first 40 minutes and I also managed to do the second section with minimal stops – basically just to snap cute pictures of London. Meaning that I ran 8 miles in about 90 minutes. And genuinely if I hadn’t been at a logical place to stop on the run I probably could have gone for longer. I think I’m finally turning a corner in the running stakes
  • *As well as doing all the half marathon training I’ve also made it to the pool an extra time this week too. So yeah for that. And with that extra swim in mind my week of exercise has looked a bit like this
    • *Monday: 32 min swim (40 lengths)
    • *Tuesday: 40 minute/3.4 mile run
    • *Thursday: 38 minute / 3.3 mile run
    • *Friday: 23 minute swim (30 lengths)
    • *Sunday: 94 minute/8 mile run
  • *Total steps – 76,000

Fitness Update Week Five - All Things Fitness - This and That Blog

Fitness Update Week Five: Food

  • *This week I’ve rediscovered mug cakes which is a brilliant thing as we haven’t bought any cake and I’ve kept to one portion of cake at a time. Yeah for cake.
  • *Breakfast and lunches have once again mainly been made at home this week so have mostly been packed with fruit or veggies
  • *Also this week we’ve made some yummy home cooked meals. From homemade chicken burgers with sweet potato fries to yummy stir fries and fajitas again.
  • *I have been out quite a bit this week so scampi and chips have happened as well as a three course meal. And despite having a lot of meals out this week I have gone for healthy choices quite often. Like switching my usual burger at Nando’s for a quarter chicken or choosing the salmon from Skylon and not a huge bowl of pasta. That coupled with all the exercise going on it’s still been a fairly balanced week.

Fitness Update Week Five - All Things Fitness - This and That Blog

Fitness Update Week Five: Results

  • *After last week’s two pound lose I wasn’t expecting a change this week, which turned out to be the case. But that’s fine as I’m feeling a bigger, and probably more important change, in how I’m feeling this week.And it’s good to focus on that change rather than the scales anyway!
  • *As mentioned already I feel like I’ve properly hit my running stride this week and I’m feeling much stronger. This is brilliant. As it means the training and sensible eating is all paying off.
  • *So let’s look at last week’s goals – how did I do? Firstly the food one was all about upping my veggie consumption. This is something I’ve definitely done. Only one day this week saw me having less than four portions of fruit and veg and on those days veggies definitely outweighed the fruit. I’ve been adding extra veggies all over the place. Like guac, lettuce, roasted peppers and sweet potato to Saturday’s burger night.
  • *My second goal was to hit 70,000 steps this week, so that I’m averaging 10,000 steps a day and yes I’ve hit this one too. Hooray for that! And it’s not like I just crawled over the line – I surpassed the goal by 6,000 steps. Whoop!

Fitness Update Week Five: Goals

  • *So on to next week’s goals. The first one is easy. To reduce the sugar intake a bit more. I’m still falling into the trap of a 3pm chocolate pick me up and I don’t want to be reliant on that this week. I’ve stocked up on peanut butter and crackers, plus more sultanas to help with that. So fingers crossed!
  • *Exercise wise I just want to complete the week’s training plan. I know what I’m like I have a tendency to have a good week followed by a bad one, so I think completing the full training this week is key. I’ll be happy with that!

So there we go, the last week’s update is done! I’m so glad that running wise things are looking up, I was starting to feel like I’d never be able to do the half marathon in October.So phew that things have clicked into place. I think lovely London running views, like the one above, have certainly helped on the longest run. Distractions are definitely a good thing when it comes to running! What’s your top running tip?

-Fi x