All Things Fitness: Fitness Update Week Three

Fitness Update Week Three - All Things Fitness - This and That Blog

Hello team, how are we all today? I’m utterly exhausted, that’ll teach me to have such a fun weekend! Seriously though there’s something about a monday that leaves me exhausted. Probably something to do with no longer being able to snack when I want or laze around in my pjs I suppose… Anyway let’s get down to why we’re here – it’s time for fitness update week three! Let’s go!

Fitness Update Week Three: Exercise

  • *So this week I managed to do every day of my training plan, plus an extra day of swimming – go me!
  • *And what’s better I’m really enjoying it, well apart from the second run of the week that is. I hated every moment of it. Some things never change I suppose!
  • *So my exercise week looks a bit like this:
    • *Monday: 40 minute/3.7 mile run
    • *Tuesday: 30 minute stationery cycle
    • *Thursday: 30 minute/2.4 mile run
    • *Friday: 30 minute swim (40 lengths)
    • *Sunday: 45 minute/4 mile run
  • *Step wise I still didn’t manage to do 10,000 steps on my non-training days. But I will get there soon, maybe during week four…?
  • *Total steps – 67,000

Fitness Update Week Three: Food

  • *This week I didn’t buy any breakfast or lunch items until Friday – which never happens. So thats’s a mini success, right there.
  • *And at least on my buying breakfast day I opted for porridge and not a croissant, so that’s another gold star for me.
  • *In other news, snacking news to be precise, I have only snacked on bad things a couple of days this week. Otherwise it’s been sultanas and fruit or pitta chips.

Fitness Update Week Three: Results

  • *So in big news, I’ve lost a pound, whoop! Who doesn’t love a bit of positive reinforcement?
  • *In regards to last week’s goals…I definitely did better on the snacking. Now to sustain it!
  • *In the fitness goal, that seems to be working so far. I still haven’t completed a full week of exercise or 10,000 steps every day, but it’s getting closer each week. And that’s what counts I suppose

Fitness Update Week Three: Goals for next week

  • *This week’s food goal is to up my fruit and veg intake, to a minimum of five a day. I know it’s good for me, I know it makes me feel fuller for longer and yet i still don’t do it. So that needs to change!
  • *Fitness wise I’m determined to hit seven days of at least 30 minutes exercise of 10,000 steps this week. I can do this!

So there we go, week three’s fitness update is a go. Wish me luck for the next seven days!

-Fi x