Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #84

Welcome to another edition of friday favourites. Although, let’s be honest, this week has been a weird one. While it’s been full of lovely, amazing, brilliant things it has also been tinged with utter horror as I’ve watched how things have been unfolding in Charlottesville and Barcelona. Sometimes I really worry about this world and what we, as humans, are capable of. It’s really been quite horrific. Although reassuringly no one in my circle has anything other than condemnation about the idiots spouting such hateful, racist things across the world. If anything my feed has been one of support and asking how can we do more to help. Which has certainly been good to see.

But anyway, on to my friday favourites, the list of things that have made me cheerful this week. The little things that have brightened my day or had me smiling in the otherwise painful moments. One smallish thing that has made a big difference in my life is simply cooking more from scratch. It’s been part of my strive to be healthier and I’ve found I really enjoy cooking more if it’s not just bunging pre made things together. The ritual of chopping and mixing, stirring and seasoning is really quite nice and I’ve found it very therapeutic over the last few weeks. The meal I’m most proud of in the last week is the homemade baked beans and the simpleness of homemade enchiladas. Is there anything more necessary and warming on a rainy weeknight? I don’t think there is.

 Friday Favourites - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

In other good news this week I had the best summer barbecue with family at the weekend. It was exactly what you want in a summer barbecue. Copious amounts of food, good people, Pimms, a beautiful garden, lots of chatter and the puppy playing around you. Sunday afternoon’s spent like that are the absolute best.

One thing that has made me really happy this week is that I seem to be getting stronger from all the half marathon training. My legs no longer ache so much post run and it’s easier to get up and going each run. There’s no longer pain for the first mile either. So yeah for that. Every time I restart running I’m surprised about this, hopefully this time around I’ll remember it’s easier if I keep on top of it all.

Friday Favourites - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

Last night I ticked another brilliantly British summer activity of this year’s to do list – watching cricket as the sun went down. We headed on over to the Oval to watch a Twenty20 match between Surrey and Gloucester. It was a really close game, with Surrey triumphing in the last over and we had such fun eating our fish and chips and nattering away as we watched them play. I highly recommend a trip to a Twenty20 match if you can get tickets. Even if you’re not the biggest cricket fan it’s such fun!

The final thing making today’s friday favourites is the fact that I’ve surpassed my sponsorship target for October’s half marathon. So that’s over £350 going to Great Ormond Street Hospital (if I complete the run). How awesome is that? It is definitely good motivation to get me out of bed and training each morning!

So there we go, my friday favourites list for this week. How was your week and what made your list?

-Fi x