All Things Fitness: Fitness Update Week Four

Fitness Update Week Four - All Things Fitness - This and That Blog

Fitness Update Week Four: Exercise

  • *Let’s start with an oops shall we? In week four I failed to do all my half marathon training plan exercise days. Simply put I just couldn’t get up on Thursday to do my 40 minutes of interval training. Oops.
  • *But I did do two days of swimming – which is the most I’ve done since the training started, and one of those is an additional day of exercise to the plan.
  • *In other not so good news I found the long run this week really really hard. It was 15 min walk, 30 min run, 5 min walk, 30 min run and 15 min walk. By the time the second lot of running came around I was feeling so sick. I think it’s because I hadn’t eaten, but man did I feel ill. So I walked for about ten minutes of that second running section.
  • *But considering how ill I felt I’m extra proud that I kept going and completed the full-time of that run. I could have given up and stopped as soon as I felt ill. So that’s definitely something to be proud of. Also it turns out that run was my longest since May 2016. Crazy right? So well done me!
  • *So my exercise week looks a bit like this:
    • *Monday: 32 min swim (40 lengths)
    • *Tuesday: 32 minute/2.5 mile run
    • *Friday: 32 minute swim (40 lengths)
    • *Saturday: 95 minute/5.5 mile run
  • *Step wise I still didn’t manage to do 10,000 steps on my non-training days. But I did do well over 10,000 steps on two of the days so on balance it’s not all bad.
  • *Total steps – 61,000

Fitness Update Week Four: Food

  • *The overnight oats obsession is still going strong, particularly our peanut butter recipe. And I’ve been adding ALL the fruit – the best combo so far is sultanas, raspberries and banana. Yummy!
  • *I did eat out or have food made for me quite a lot last week, which meant it wasn’t all as packed with veggies as I’d have liked. But I’m never going to begrudge myself a night out with friends or a takeaway with family
  • *We also had a big family BBQ this week with lots of yummy things, including chocolate cake and Pimms and all the bread. But my plate of BBQ food was actually 75% salads (leaf, pasta, potato and cous cous) and only 25% meats. So I think that deserves a gold star right there!

Fitness Update Week Four: Results

  • *I’m two pounds lighter this week but I think the real result is that I’ve been (mostly) enjoying running again. Plus my muscles aren’t as achy as they were the last week. That’s got to be a good thing right?
  • *So let’s look at last week’s goals. Firstly eating more fruit and veg. Well I definitely did this last week and managed to hit five fruit and veg most days. So hooray! The 10,000 steps or 30 minutes exercise goal is still, most definitely, a work in progress though. I’m determined to get there soon though

Fitness Update Week Four: Goals for next week

  • *Number one on the fitness goals for this week is to keep adding in the veggies. I’m good at the fruit side of it, but there’s definitely more I could be doing to get veg into my diet. I must try harder!
  • *My fitness goal for the next week is to get above 70,000 steps. I don’t seem to be able to do that at the moment, so I really want to try this week. Fingers crossed I can up the steps enough…

So there we go, the next fitness check in is a go. Have you got any top tips to help me get more veg into my diet – send me some tips and recipes pretty please!

-Fi x