Thought of the Day #107: Curious About Ideas

be curious

Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas.

Marie Curie

This quote was on my desk calendar for the month of August and as soon as I read it, I loved it. Now I don’t know what Marie Curie was trying to say, but I’m taking this to be about focusing on ideas, rather than what people are doing. Thanks to gossip magazines and social media we are constantly surrounded by news about people. We have a celebrity culture to deal with. Let’s try and ignore this and focus on thoughts, and ideas, and learning about things.

Lately I’ve taken to ignoring twitter and the free papers on my commute and instead I’m reading. I’m trying to understand other points of view and all of the ideas and theories that are out there. Just because I’m not at school or university anymore doesn’t mean I can’t learn something new now.