Wishlists: Back to School Stationery Wishlist

As a child one of my favourite days in the school holidays was when we got to go stationery shopping. Yes I was one of the cool kids. We’d head to WH Smith in Guildford on the Sunday before school started and for two blissful hours I’d have free rein. I’d be there for ages looking at, testing out and deliberating over everything, trying to decide how to send my precious £20. I’d spend ages considering the merits of each stationery item. From pens and pencil cases to highlighters and notebooks. Plus school folders and the all important desk tidy for the desk in my bedroom. I loved every second of contemplation as I whittled down my mental stationery wishlist.

Inevitably I’d finally make decisions then check in with Lau only to discover she’d made better choices and I’d have to start all over again. It was definitely not a shopping decision I took lightly.

As the school holidays draw to a close I’m quite sad that I don’t get to make a stationery wishlist this year. I’d love to have the opportunity to choose a whole host of new pens and notebooks, but alas I don’t really have a need for them. This is for two reasons. Firstly I own far too many stationery items already, including a whole stack of notebooks I’ve never even used – please don’t judge. I. just. can’t. Say. No. And secondly there’s only so many notebooks a girl needs at any one time. For me it’s two. One for all the work related things – namely meeting notes and a to do list. And a second to keep my personal life organised, which is the job of my bullet journal. It’s essential for me to keep track of everything. From blog posts ideas and keeping track of my finances, to where I’m meant to be when, and all the things I mustn’t forget. But seeing as those books are only half used at the moment I’m not really needing anything new…

But I’m not going to let that stop me, I love new stationery and putting together a stationery wishlist is quite fun!

For someone who has just professed to only needing two notebooks in their life, I seem to have added quite a few here. Oops! But honestly, who could say no to so many pretty notebooks. Quite simply a Hufflepuff notebook is an essential item, and bright coloured notebooks just looks so pretty – no matter how messy your desk! And that avocado notebook is super cute. When it comes to stationery you can never go wrong with an inspiring quote emblazoned across the front. And chuck in a bit of marble or a sassy quote, like on the colourful one above, and it’s your notebook dreams come true! Do you think if I get all these lovely notebooks I can justify the rose gold bookends to hold them all in place. I mean, it’s only sensible, right…?
Now on to the other lovely things on my stationery wishlist, just look at these gorgeous quote cards. Beautiful and inspiring in equal measures. I NEED them! I’m always on the look out for ways to keep my bullet journal organised so I think these number and days of the week stickers are essential. And so pretty too! Talking of being organised I do love a good desk planner – and with check boxes too. Hooray! And finally no stationery wishlist would be complete without some awesome pens and a pencil case to keep them in. Clearly I had a monochrome and gold moment during the choosing of those bits for the list!
So there we go, a lovely list of stationery bits I wish I owned. Oh to be 16 again and to have an excuse to buy a few items! Now tell me, what would you buy off this list?
-Fi x