Life Rambles: An Autumn Bucket List


I think we all feel a kinship for a certain season, there’s just something innate in us that means we’re more suited to one of the seasons more than any other. For me, it’s most definitely autumn. There are so many reasons why it’s the best season ever, but I’m sure that key to this is that it feels like an abrupt change from Summer, my absolute least favourite season. Autumn is epic because it means the return of cooler, darker evenings, but there are still bright and sunny days for us to enjoy, even with a chill in the air. It also means the excuse to wrap up and snuggle down. Simply put it’s bliss.

This year I want to make the most of my favourite season and make sure I experience it properly. With that in mind I’ve made an autumn bucket list featuring all the things I want to do over the next three months. I’m all for a list of things to tick off as I complete them. Isn’t there a complete joy in that?!

Fi’s Autumn Bucket List

*Buy more snuggly jumpers that allow the sleeves to be pulled over my hands
*Spend Sunday afternoon in front of a gorgeous log fire
*Go blackberry picking before making a homemade crumble
*Go pumpkin picking
*Have a pyjamas day and do nothing but knit and eat biscuits
*Embrace mittens attached by string
*Wander along the river marvelling at the city at night with my hands wrapped around a warming drink
*Take a day to watch all of the Harry Potter films
*Bake a proper Pumpkin Spice Loaf
*Go stomping around in the woods with the puppy and kicking the leaves all over the place
*Make a proper steak and ale pie with homemade pastry and an epic warming casserole
*Light candles and read while snuggled under a blanket
*Visit Richmond Park for an early morning walk

What’s on your Autumn bucket list?

Fi xx