Life Rambles: Making the Most of Autumn


Now that we are officially in autumn I am trying to make the most of it, basically I’m attempting to reach peak levels of autumn each day. You see I’m a fan of all four of the seasons we get to experience in the UK. To me each have their own special moments. From the balmy long days of summer, to the new life that spring brings. The dark winter nights that are made for curling up under a blanket with a good book or the cooler bright days of autumn. Every season has its own uniqueness that is totally necessary.

I always discuss the different seasons with family and friends in Australia – it’s what I know I would miss if I didn’t live here. As each new season arrives I like to embrace it and experiencing it fully. Each one seems so fleeting, I swear you blink and suddenly you’re in the following season. Anyway, I’ll stop waxing lyrical about my love for all four seasons and jump into sharing how I go about embracing autumn fully.

#1 – Candles

It’s become a habit of mine to get home from work, grab my current read, find a blanket and a sofa and light a candle. It’s a ritual of sorts, one that allows me to relax and chill-out a little before making dinner and getting on with the rest of the evening. Often I find myself casting the book aside and just watching the flickering candle for a few minutes. And just breathing in the delightful flavours of course. My current favourites are a maple syrup one from the US last year and a fresh apple one that I picked up in T K Maxx eons ago.

#2 – Pumpkin

For some reason pumpkins have become synonymous with autumn. I blame America! Anyway, I love all things pumpkin so I’m happy with this and of course am fully embracing it, all in the name of peak autumn obviously! I’ve got pumpkins decorating my house – I have to say they look pretty awesome in the living room, and are making my unfinished fireplace look pretty amazing. I’m also currently limiting the number of slices of Starbucks pumpkin spiced loaf that I am allowed to eat each week. It’s my absolute favourite – those crunchy pumpkin seeds are delicious – but I’m only allowing myself one a week. I probably could eat it every day but my bank and my waistline will not allow it.




#3 – Autumn Walks

I love a good weekend walk. When I was a child my family would spend Sundays during autumn and winter walking in the woods. We’d traipse through the forest looking for the muddiest puddles and finding the perfect climbing tree or strewn branches to build the best hideout. Now while my activities during these walks have changed, the actually act of going for a walk has stayed the same. Now there’s a dog that bounds along with us/me too, and it’s just as fun. Walks in autumn are particularly special with the leaves changing colour and blanketing the forest floor like a carpet. Plus it’s conker season and it’s also quite mild so there’s no need to wrap up too warmly.

#4 – Recipes

Now in a list about making the most of Autumn there was always going to be a point that involved food. I’m an Evans after all! From apple crumbles to warming soup, crusty homemade bread and pastry topped pies, the food of autumn is what dreams are made of. Over the last couple of weeks I have reignited my love of autumn meals by whipping up some quick pasta bakes, feasting on filling pies and investigating all the new soup flavours that the supermarket has to offer. Plus I have roast dinner plans in the works too. If you want to know some of my favourite warming recipes then check out my top five autumn recipes here.

#5 – Autumn Clothes

New season, new outfits is definitely a thing that everyone should do. Now while I can’t go out on a massive shopping spree until I win the lottery I do switch around the clothes in my wardrobe. You see I used to keep everything in my wardrobe all year round, but it’s all a bit of a squash so now I store clothes in the loft that aren’t weather appropriate. Right now I’m in the process of packing away all my summer clothes and shoes and replacing them with my autumn/winter staples. From winter boots, to thick tights, padded gilets and ginormous scarves, now is the time for all of the best clothing options.

Of course it’s also now that jumpers come into their own. By now everyone knows how much I love a good jumper. So is it really a surprise that autumn is my favourite time of year? And once I’m outfitted in jeans, boots, one of my favourite jumpers and a giant scarf autumn suddenly feels more real. And I, of course, am one happy bunny.

So there you have it. My five top tips for making the most of Autumn. What about you? Do you embrace each season? Or would you rather hide away until certain ones have passed? What are you must dos to ensure that you appreciate the time?

Laura x