Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #89

Morning all! I think that it’s been so long since I’ve written one of these posts that I’ve sort of forgotten how it’s done. Oops! Is that normal? For me it probably is! Before we discuss my favourite things from the week let’s start by congratulating ourselves on making it to Friday. Hooray for that, and for the weekend and all the adventures that it will bring. Sunday is half marathon day for me, so that should be fun! I’m actually not even joking, I’ve really enjoyed the training this year, and I’ve always wanted to run this race, so it should be a good day. FYI – you can sponsor me here if you’re that way inclined (pretty please do, I’m so close to the £600 mark).


Number one on my favourite things list is the fact that my knee is fixed! I had a mild panic at the weekend because I had hideous knee pain. It was so bad that I couldn’t bend my knee without pain. Anyway, I’ve rested it, iced it and elevated it and everything seems to be back in working order. So it’s full steam ahead for Sunday. I’ve not run since last Tuesday (so that’s almost two weeks) but I’m not going to chance it again until race day. It’s not the way I want to finish my race training, but I think it’s probably the most sensible option. I have managed to fit in a couple of swims this week though, so that makes me feel better. And anyway the main thing is that I can run on Sunday, and this way I think I can.

Next up on the list is a book, because I love a good book and I’m having a great reading run at the moment. I’ve just finished Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie and I was totally hooked. I definitely haven’t read enough Agatha Christie in my life, especially not the Poirot books. I’m trying to rectify that, one book at a time. I started with this one as I know that there’s a film version coming up soon and I always like to read the book before watching the film. Anyway the reason that Murder on the Orient Express has made its way onto my favourite things list for the week is because the plot is amazing! The twists and turns and plotting is excellent and I was hooked from the start. I can’t wait to see how it plays out on the big screen.

Point three on the today’s Friday Favourites list is birthday present buying. I love shopping for other people! With the youngest sisterbean celebrating a birthday this weekend Fi and I have been planning and purchasing all the fun things.


Now let’s talk about a very belated Father’s Day on Sunday. The sisterbeans and I treated the Fatherbear to an afternoon of mini golf and lunch at Swingers, in the heart of the city. Of course Dad won, he wins everytime – I think it’s because he plays golf each week. But I came second, with only a couple of points more – yes! Honestly, if I could order a G&T at each hole on a normal golf course I would totally take up the game! Until then I’ll stick to visiting Swingers, playing 9 holes and then feasting on Patty & Bun burgers.

The final item on my favourite things list has to be Autumn. Does anyone else think that Autumn has suddenly hit, out of nowhere, this year? You blink and suddenly the parks are awash with autumnal colours. Again, what is with that? Anyway I’m diving right in and doing my best to embrace the new season. From walks in the fallen leaves, searching for conkers, to lighting candles at home and feasting on pumpkin spice loaf.  I have definitely reached peak Autumn. Hooray for that!

What about you lovely lot, are you embracing the Autumn or are you missing the Summer sunshine?

Laura xx