Life Rambles: Top Tips For Getting Stuff Done

Top Tips For Getting Stuff Done - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

Today’s post is full of my top tips for getting stuff done when things get busy. Well not just busy, but next level busy. Our next month is going to be next level busy. So far in the mix we’ve got: me getting to grips with a new job, Lau being slammed with work, two weekends away (Paris and Manchester here we come) and a weekend full of plans with friends. On top of that I’m hoping to do most of my Christmas shopping in November, plus making a few pressies, see lots of friends before the Christmas craziness begins and you know also have time for some relaxing too.

Knowing me this busy time will mean that I don’t get round to doing all the normal life stuff that’s essential. For my life running smoothly but also for my well being. You know like the life admin and the exercise. When things get busy I become a ridiculous procrastinator and can’t do anything but veg on the sofa. But I’ve got too much to do over the coming weeks to let that happen so here are my top tips for getting stuff done. These top tips will be key to me over the coming weeks – I just have to use them!

Schedule Everything In

This one is key! At the start of each week I’m going to schedule in time for exercise, for chores and for various life admin tasks. Sometimes I’ll be able to block in a three hour session for getting stuff done and other times it’ll just be 30 minutes over my lunch break but I know that scheduling the time in is the only way that these things will get done. Plus if I schedule the time in then it’s an event that I’ve signed up to and have to actively not do. So it’ll be harder to forego doing it. Or at least that’s the hope.

Meal Planning

While I won’t be in much over the coming weeks, when I am I really need to make food and not give in to Just Eat or microwaveable means from the new M&S in Stretham. So therefore meal planning is going to be integral. I’ll do it on a weekly basis and keep it simple recipe wise. I’m thinking jackets and chilli or soup and toasties rather than anything more extravagant. If you have any easy, fail-safe recipes then send them my way.

Make a List

The only way I’ll get anything done is if I know what needs to be done. So tonight I’ll be making my list of life admin and other things that needs doing over the coming month. So far I’ve got the following things on my list: pay my credit card, transfer to my savings, find a hotel for Manchester, write my Christmas list, send my friend’s birthday present, write some blog posts, schedule in tweets, sign up for the new work pension plan. Oh. My. God. I’ve got all the things to do. Send help!


Once my list is written I’m going to be numbering them all in order of priority. That way I won’t be tempted to leave the harder/longer tasks until the end of the month. I know myself too well. Hence the need for these top tips after all!

Say no

By this I mean I need to say no to things that I either don’t want to do or don’t have time to do. I’m so bad at this normally but I think I need to embrace it this month. Not only because of my stupidly long to do list but also for my sanity!

So there we go, my top tips for getting stuff done. Fingers crossed these top tips help me over the following weeks! Oh and if you have any of your own top tips for getting stuff done then please do send them my way. I think I’m going to need all the help I can get!

-Fi x