Life Rambles: Current Favourites on Netflix

I think we can all agree that Autumn is here in full force. I checked by looking out of the window and all the trees are orange or red, there are leaves everywhere and it’s incredibly overcast at only 1pm. So yeah, hi Autumn. About time you arrived! Oh my previous Autumn bucket list post I talked about all the things I had planned for Autumn – one of which was sofa time, and a lot of it! After all Autumn is the perfect time to snuggle on the sofa with a blanket and hot chocolate for a few hours. And while I still want to tick off my Harry Potter rewatch, as discussed, I also want to use Autumn to power through some of my current favourites on Netflix. And hopefully develop a few more favourites.

Current Favourites on Netflix - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

So if you’ve got the same plans here are a few current favourites on Netflix to inspire you. I swear these shows really can’t be beaten and will be perfect for some lovely Autumn sofa snuggle time.


The besties were down at the weekend and we watched three episodes in a twelve hour period. Since then I’ve watched another five. So I think it’s safe to say I’m so on board with this show! Here’s the premise: A time machine has been stolen and a mysterious criminal is going back in time to change history. So our three heroes – a historian, a scientist and a soldier – are tasked with following him back in time to stop historical events from being changed. As even the smallest change in history can have catastrophic results.

So far the team have visited the Alamo, the Apollo landing and the day of Lincoln’s assassination. I can’t comment on much of the historical accuracy as I don’t have the knowledge. But the show is fascinating and has the perfect mix of peril, intrigue and comedy. The dynamic between the trio is perfect and the unanswered questions about which side is really the evil one adds a good level of second guessing and has you needing to watch the next episode!


I admit I was sceptical about this one, after all I’m in my 30s should I really be interesting in a comic book adaptation set in a high school with a jock, a bad boy, the preppy perfect girl and the new rich kid? Well I’m glad I gave it a chance as Riverdale is way more than a teen show. It’s a brilliant written mystery show with a real dark side. I genuinely care about what’s going on and I’m intrigued to see what’s going to happen next. Series two opened really well and just when you thought things were going one way they’re not. So if you’re looking for a show about real friendship but set in a dark and twisty town where you can’t trust any of the adults, then this is the show for you.

North and South

I’m a huge fan of this BBC adaptation of one of my favourite books. In fact it’s one of my favourite BBC adaptations ever. Everything about it is perfect. So it’s no surprise that it’s defintiely a Netflix favourite and one I think has to be watched at this time of year! It’s so true to the book, the casting is perfect and the story is wonderful. Plus the four episodes are perfectly weighted – there’s enough time for the story to develop and for each episode to be good in and of itself. No episode is a set up for the next one. They’re all full of meaty story, great characterisation and the most wonderful, and realistic, love story. If you’ve not watched it, do.

Designated Survivor

So yes this is a show about Kiefer Sutherland becoming president when the Capitol is blown up during the President’s State of the Union speech. On paper it sounds weird right, Kiefer Sutherland AKA Jack Bauer as president? But it totally works having him saving the world behind a desk rather than out in the world with a gun and with the clock against him. The show has a great cast, including the magnificent Maggie Q as the lead investigater on who bombed the Capitol. The show is full of twists and turns. But perhaps my favourite part is that it focuses on the idea of becoming President without seeking it. So how do you deal with the power and does it actually make you the best person for the job? So worth a watch!

The Good Place

A recent discovery for me, despite it being a few series’ in. The premise for this show is that Kristen Bell’s character, Eleanor, wakes up in the afterlife to find that she’s arrived in the ‘Good Place’ the part of the after life when the most morally and the best humans end up. The only problem is she wasn’t so morally good in her own life and her existence in the good place keeps ruining things for everyone. Cue giraffes destroying things, a tornado, and much worse. The show is about her learning to be ‘good’ while also investigating why things are going wrong. All without anyone finding out she’s in the wrong place. It’s really good fun and hilarious. Plus with only 2o minute episodes it’s the perfect no-brainer after a busy day at work or a sleepless night. I highly recommend it!

There we go, my five current favourites on Netflix. I do also want to give Mindhunter a whirl as that looks super intriguing. We’ve also watched a couple of episodes of Power, which I’m enjoying. I do need to watch a few more before it’s a definite favourite. I think it’s got potential though!

What are your current favourites on Netflix, anything I need to add to the list for this Autumn? Send me your suggestions!

-Fi x