Life Rambles: I Wish

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Today’s post is bought to you from the crevices of my brain, read on for a brain dump of all the things I wish. Things that I wish didn’t exist or could happen or things that I’ve just been a pondering. It’s an eclectic list. You’ve been warned!

I wish…

M&S would double the size of their Cheese Taster packets. One portion is just not enough to satisfy that craving.

The new Game of Thrones book was in the world with us now. If feels like it’s been forever…

I’d planned my catch ups better this week and hadn’t managed to fill every evening before a weekend away. Fail.

I didn’t find it quite so hard to say no to purchasing another Christmas jumper.

I knew why toast always falls peanut butter side down.

There were more hours in the day to get through my huge TBR pile (100 books and counting…).

I could have another weekend with zero plans so I can continue to recharge. I’ve needed it this week.

UberEats didn’t exist, or was unable to deliver McDonald’s to my house…

I hadn’t waited two years to read The Lie Tree as it was an incredible book.

They hadn’t changed the story of Murder on the Orient Express, it was so unnecessary.

It was acceptable to wear slipper socks in the office. Toasty toes are the one.

I could force myself out of bed at 6am every morning to do some form of exercise, but alas no.

Southern Trains weren’t always delayed or cancelled on the rainy days. Why is that?

I wasn’t constantly surprised by the incredible creatures I see on Blue Planet, I should know more about the planet I’m on. Who knew there was a fish with feet?! INSANE.

I wasn’t such a magpie when it comes to Christmas wrapping paraphernalia.

Instagram wasn’t so addictive. I’d be far more productive if it wasn’t so easy to lose an entire hour doing nothing but scrolling and double tapping.

Tell me, what do you wish?

-Fi x