In the Kitchen: Autumnal Overnight Oats


When it comes to weekday breakfasts I tend to eat at work rather than at home. I’m either out of the house by 6:15 to get my swim in or I’m spending as long as possible in bed before leaving at 7:30. With both options sitting down to eat breakfast is not on the agenda at all. Instead I prep my breakfast the night before, grab it as I leave the house and then eat at work. Now because I eat at my desk I need something that travels well. That doesn’t need 15 different condiments or pieces of cutlery and, of course, something that tastes delicious. Well, luckily for me, I’ve discovered the perfect autumnal overnight oats recipe. Hooray!

I dabbled with peanut butter overnight oats earlier in the year, and while I loved them, I did get a little bored of them after a while. So over the summer I went back to granola and yogurt. Now that will always be a favourite but is a little boring, and can’t be eaten five days in a row. So late summer I decided I needed to try overnight oats again, but with a different topping, something that would work for all day, every day. And guys, I’ve done it!  This is the autumnal overnight oats recipe that everyone needs. And it’s so simple, like store cupboard ingredients simple. These oats are also delicious, keep me filled until lunchtime and are not boring at all.

Ingredients: Makes two servings

1 cup of milk / 1 cup of greek yogurt / 1 cup of porridge oats / half cup of sultanas / drizzle of honey / ground cinnamon


mix the milk, yogurt and oats together in a bowl / add the sultanas, a good drizzle of honey and a shaking of ground cinnamon (I can’t be more exact as I do different amounts each time)! / mix everything together / cover with cling film and place in the fridge / in the morning give everything a final stir and then divide between two bowls or tupperware for deskfast (desk breakfast).

The other great thing about this recipe is that you make it the night before. So there’s no need to make a mad dash around the kitchen in the morning. Do you make overnight oats? Do you have any favourite recipes? Please share if you do.

Laura x