Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #93

Happy Friday one and all! I can’t wait for the weekend to begin! Is anyone else super excited for the first weekend of November? I totally am, the weather has got cooler, the leaves are all crunchy and I have two days of fun planned with friends. Plus quite a bit of sleeping too, because let’s be honest that is what weekends are for. But before that happens let’s have a chat about this past week and my happy things list.

<> First up on the happy things list is my four day weekend. I took a couple of days off work in order to dog sit for my parents. It was such a perfect time, even if I was up at 6am with the Lunabean every day. But apart from that I spent a lot of time relaxing and walking all over the place. I think the long walks in the fresh air was exactly what I needed. There’s nothing like some time to yourself and long bracing walks to clear your head.




<> And what comes alongside a four day weekend? A four day week of course. While fitting five days of work into four isn’t my favourite thing ever this has turned into a pretty productive week. Plus I’ve managed to tick two major things off my list, over the last couple of days, so that’s a huge relief.

<> Another highlight of my week was all the puppy cuddles that I received over those four days. Again those puppy cuddles were also exactly what I needed. Puppy dog eyes are the best.

<> Next up on the happy things list is CHRISTMAS CUPS! Yes they are back in Starbucks and Costa (although yuck to Costa’s coffee). By pure chance I forgot my coffee tumbler on Thursday so I actually managed to get a Christmas cup on day one of them appearing in Starbucks.




<> I’ve been obsessing over the new Kelly Clarkson album this week. It’s called Meaning of Life and all of the songs are excellent. Plus her voice is so magnificent, it gives me shivers. There have been a lot of messages about it in the Sisterlings Whatsapp group this week.

<> Also this week I bought my first box of mince pies. Not even sorry! Although I haven’t actually opened them yet, but I’m sure that will change come the weekend! Also I’m a little obsessed with the Christmas tubs of mini cheddars, especially as they’re on offer in Lidl. Clearly I’m a marketers dream!

<> My final point for this happy things list is the GBBO final. Did you watch it? I thought it was a great final. Such great challenges and utterly amazing bakes. I really have been a fan of this season. The changes have breathed new life into the series and the addition of toilet/snack breaks is always good!

What would you add to your happy things list this week? Hope everyone has a good weekend and see you all soon.

Laura xxx