Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #94

Hi team! I hope you’re well and have had a good week. Mine has been lovely, although it’s flown by. That’s not necessarily a bad thing mind you – I’ve got awesome weekend plans after all! More about those later, first up on my Friday favourites list we have…

The new Thor film, Thor Ragnarok, which we went to watch on Friday night. Spoiler: it’s sooooo good! It’s flipping hilarious. You get introduced to loads of new characters, it’s packed full of brilliant action and epic fight scenes and an incredibly bad ass new villain in the shape of Cate Blanchett’s Hela. Basically I loved it all! But the real highlight? It has to be the relationship between Thor and Hulk. Just perfect.

Friday Favourites #94 - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

Guys the Starbucks Christmas cups are here and I love them. I think I even prefer them to the usual #redcups. I know! Insanity. Who even I am?

Is there anything better than long overdue catch ups with friends? I think not. I’ve been lucky enough to have two this week. While they were fun I will definitely try to make them less overdue in the future. I need to catch up with my people more often, most definitely.

So don’t hate me but, I’ve started my Christmas shopping. I know, I know it’s still fifty days to Christmas. But I’m trying to spread the cost and to be honest it just brings me such joy. There’s something that’s so lovely about choosing gifts for others isn’t there? Here’s hoping they like my choices come December 25th!

Friday Favourites #94 - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

Talking of Christmas I spent Sunday wandering around London popping in to all the Christmas departments getting all festive. It was the best plan I’ve ever had. I was shocked by the prices in Selfridges, blown away by the bauble wall in John Lewis and in love with everything in Liberty. Isn’t Christmas just the best?

Next on the Friday favourites list this week we have the wonder of a morning swim. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as starting the day in the pool. I just wish I could do it every day. But alas I’d be grumpy if I got up at 6am every morning, not to mention at £4 a pop it’s not something that my purse would appreciate on a daily basis!

This week I finally went to the Harry Potter exhibition at the British Library guys and it’s incredible. You MUST go. It’s full of pages from J. K. Rowling’s edited manuscripts, ancient scrolls and original potion books plus gorgeous illustrations by Jim Kay from the illustrated editions. It’s a Potterhead’s dream!

Friday Favourites #94 - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

On Wednesday I went to the National Theatre to watch Network and I was blown away by it. The staging, story and acting were all outstanding. And while the whole cast were brilliant, the two main stars, Brian Cranston and Michelle Doherty, definitely deserve special mention. They were incredible.

And finally this evening we’re off to Paris for the weekend and I’m just so excited! I’m going with mum and my sisters and we’re planning all the eating and gossiping, with a little sightseeing thrown in. It’s going to be such fun! I’ve visited a few times before so it’s not a case of having to pack everything in, which is nice. Definitely less stressed than previous trips!

So there we have it, this week’s Friday favourites list. What’s made your list this week?

-Fi x