Life Rambles: Must Watch Documentaries

Recently I’ve been watching a lot of TV documentaries. I’m not sure why this is the case. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching more things on Netflix and therefore the documentaries are popping up on my feed. Or maybe I’m just having a moment of bad TV and therefore documentaries are my next stop. Or maybe it’s because it’s Autumn and a Sunday afternoon curled on the sofa is the best thing right now. Whatever it is I am making the most of my new obsessions and enjoying myself while I’m at it. Here are a few must watch documentaries according to me…


Amanda Knox

As the name suggests this is a documentary about Amanda Knox, who was twice convicted and then acquitted of murder in Italy. With interviews from family, friends and Knox herself this is an incredibly in-depth look at who Amanda Knox is. Part of me found this documentary to be in bad taste, especially as the murder investigation and trials are discussed. But it was also super interesting. I remember watching the trials but this documentary explains things that I didn’t understand at the time. If you’re a fan of crime or legal podcasts then this is probably going to really interest you too.


13th from Ava DuVernay takes an in-depth look into the US prison system and reveals the history of racial inequality in America. The documentary is named after the 13th amendment which outlawed slavery, but left a certain loophole. The documentary takes us through the decades and explains the social and political circumstances that have led to a disproportionate number of black men being imprisoned in the US. In all honesty this programme makes me incredibly angry and upset. How this could be allowed to happen and how is fixing it not the top priority of everyone right now? Honestly if there’s one documentary you watch from this list, then make it this one.

13th is available on Netflix right now, so get to it.

What the Health

This is another documentary that I found on Netflix, but you can also watch it online here at the website linked to the film. This one looks at meat and dairy and whether it really is good for you. The show also looks into possible ways to prevent certain chronic illnesses. Once again this is a US-centric film, so not 100% relevant to a UK audience. But still intriguing none the less. It does feel very one-sided though, so I do urge you to watch it with a little commonsense in mind. That being said it has made me think more about what I’m eating and where my food comes from. Ever since watching this I’ve tried to have more meat free days, so for my bank balance at least this was worth the watch!

Blue Planet II

This one’s a little obvious, but it still needs discussing. Isn’t Blue Planet II absolutely fascinating? I love David Attenborough’s voice and I am in awe of all of his shows, but I’m also a little bit of a wimp when it comes to them too. How you may ask? Well I hate the whole predator side of nature. How you’ll be following one animal (or fish) and then suddenly they are another animal’s prey. I hate it. In fact I hate it so much that I put off watching the shows, so that I don’t have to see it happening. Like with the seals in episode one I was back with my Dad watching that one and I couldn’t handle it! But aside from that, this new BBC show is one of the best things I’ve seen on TV all year.

So there we have it, the documentaries that I’ve been watching recently. Have I missed anything obvious? What else should be on my list. I’ve got a busy few weeks ahead of me, but it would be good to have a couple of new documentaries to watch when I have some down time. Please share. Laura xx


image credit: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash