Life Rambles: Winter Bucket List

Winter Bucket List - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

So it’s officially Winter tomorrow (side note: how did that happen?!). And as such it’s time to think about all the things I want to do, sights I want to see and experiences I want to have during the coldest season. I love doing these sorts of posts ahead of a new season, not least because it reminds me of why I love each one. Invariably I end up deciding that this upcoming season is actually my favourite, not the one we’ve just had. so let’s see if my Winter bucket list has me exclaiming the same thing this time…

Winter Bucket List

<> Pick up mulled wine and wander the Southbank Christmas markets, stopping only for a Nutella crepe

<> Go scrunching through the icy leaves as the sun sets and the dog frolics

<> Get organised for the new year. Ensure I’m prepared and know what I’m hoping to achieve at the start of the year

<> Spend a day snuggled under duvets on the sofa watching Disney films and Harry Potter

<> Get up early and run through the frosty streets as the sun rises

<> Go ice skating all bundled up in scarves and hats

<> Make my own gingerbread, sticky ginger cake and mulled wine mix

<> Plan some 2018 travels. 2018 has to be the year when I spread out my trips. I’m aiming for a few weekends away, starting with one in February

<> Explore all the London Christmas lights and focus on enjoying them, not taking pictures of them

<> Make the most of the time between Christmas and New Year for nights of board games with the family

<> Have a good old spring clean ahead of a new year

<> Spend time with my favourites with trips to the pub and catch ups over gin

<> Give Vegan January a whirl

So there we have it, my winter bucket list. What do you think, have I missed something really obvious? What are your winter plans?

-Fi x