Life Rambles: 2017 Gratitude List

For some inexplicable reason we’ve made it to the final day of 2017. Where on earth did that year go to? I swear I blinked and twelve months just happened! Anyway, as it’s the end of the year, I thought it was worthwhile pausing to take stock on the good things in 2017. Let’s be honest 2017 was a bitch of a year for many, many reasons but it’s never a good idea to focus on the bad. So here’s a list of the 52 things that made my 2017 incredible. I give you my 2017 gratitude list!

My 2017 gratitude list

1. My family

2. Our gorgeous puppy Luna, who gives the best hugs

3. My lovely friends

4. The Christmas markets in Hamburg

5. Nailing the bullet journaling

6. Cocktails with friends

7. Finally removing that fireplace

8. All the board game nights with friends

9. Listening to my god-daughter critiquing Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban as she read it for the first time

10. McDonald’s deliveries via UberEats

11. Exploring the UK with family and friends, including Haworth, Oxford, Manchester, Ryde, Dorset, London and more

12. A lovely new bed and snugly new mattress

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13. Twinkly fairy lights

14. Meeting new babies, celebrating anniversaries and weddings

15. A family trip to Salzburg

16. A brilliant new job

17. Banana pancakes

18. Stripey t-shirts

19. Discovering new authors and devouring new books

20. Coffee

21. Beautiful London buildings

22. M&S’ Gluten Free tomato pasta

23. Completing the Royal Parks Half Marathon

24. Devouring Gilmore Girls

25. Gin

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26. Touristing at Windsor Castle and Bletchley Park

27. Disney films after a long, tiring day

28. A very relaxing week in Portugal

29. Baking, cooking and eating

30. Afternoons spent reading in bed

31. Dishoom brunches

32. Our built-in teal bookshelves

33. Sharing snapshots of my life on Instagram and Insta stories

34. Hysterical laughter in the shadow of a twinkling Eiffel Tower

35. Sweet potato fries

36. Dog walks

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37. Hot coffee in pjs on the sofa

38. Marathons of many Netflix shows

39. Slow cooker recipes

40. Duvet Days

41. Early morning swims

42. Blasting out the Hamilton soundtrack

43. Making the most of our Picturehouse Central membership

44. Listening to the West Wing Weekly podcast

45. Finally trying Duck and Waffle

46. Lazy mornings snuggled in bed and ignoring the outside

47. Theater trips

48. My purple Saltwaters

49. Sand between my toes

50. My current obsession with sultana and cinnamon overnight oats

51. Sunny afternoons in the garden

52. Afternoon tea and long overdue catch ups

So there we go, the 52 things that have my 2017 gratitude list. I’d say looking at this it’s been a pretty awesome year. What about you, how’s yours been and what were your highlights?

-Fi x