Life Rambles: Favourite Online Reads

Greetings team! How are you all today? I’m feeling optimistic and hopeful of getting all the things done today ahead of a long overdue Christmas catch-up over cocktails. Yeah for festive fun! Today I thought I’d share some of my favourite recent online reads – from other blogs, via twitter and various websites as I always find those posts so useful from other people. So I hope you find something interesting in this post for you!

Life Rambles - Favourite Online Reads - This and That Blog

Favourite Online Reads: The Articles

I stumbled across a post about how to have a productive brainstorming session the other day and I found the article so useful. Mainly for my day job, rather than general life, so if you’re in marketing definitely give this a quick read. I like the idea of breaking and building ideas, which is a similar idea to something else I heard recently of reframing an idea and considering it from another angle. Definitely a useful skill for brainstorming.

Less of an article and more of an image, but the image titled ‘optimism’ on Cup of Jo right now speaks to me on a deep level. I love it. I think it’s the recipe and new planner points that are talking to me the most right now!

Is anyone else incredibly pleased at TIME Magazine’s choice for person of the year? I think the silence breakers was the best choice, and sends a much-needed message to many of the idiots out there that just don’t get it. Well done TIME.

Favourite Online Reads: The Blogs

Rosie’s recent post, Reading, Listening, watching – November, has given me some really good ideas of what to get obsessed with next on Netflix. It’s also reminded me that I really need to check out Audible. I’m sure I’ll be obsessed if I give it a try.

Rebecca’s latest post has reminded me of the wonderful gifts you can find on Etsy, which is just perfect as I’ve still got a fair few presents to purchase. Head on over to her Christmas // Finding Unique Gifts post to see some lovely things you’ll want to buy. I am seriously considering putting the wall calendar on my own list. It’s so cute.

I agreed so much with Jasmin’s latest post about the best ways to grow your twitter following, not only do she have good tips but she’s also talking such sense. I realised, while reading, that I’m a culprit when it comes to some of the ‘don’t do’ things on her list. For example I definitely must do better in engaging rather than just broadcasting. A very valid point!

Along a similar vein is Jaye’s post about re-sparking creativity when you’re feeling flat, which I think could work across a lot of different areas of life – be it blogging, work, life admin. So why not give one or two ago?

And finally, ending on a festive note, I’ve taken note of the five things on Katie’s festive London list and will be trying to fit as many in before heading home to the parents’ for Christmas. Who doesn’t want to experience all the delights of London at Christmas – like rooftop bars and twinkly lights aplenty?

Favourite Online Reads: From the Twittersphere, Instagram and YouTube

The below tweet from @martischodt made my day the other week – it’s basically my thought process when it comes to dresses. So funny!

What do we want?


How do we want them?


What kind of snacks?


Something else I saw on twitter last week, which I think is worth remembering was a note about drinking at Christmas. About how you shouldn’t pressure someone who doesn’t drink to join in when you are. I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment. I’m not a big drinker and will probably only have one or two drinks over the entire two-week Christmas period, including my work Christmas parties. It’s just not something that’s a big part of my christmas as I don’t like a lot of alcohols and I really shouldn’t have to justify thins multiple times at each event/meal/party. It’s just so annoying and unnecessary and that’s as someone who doesn’t like it, imagine how much harder you’d find it if was for other more complex reasons?

And finally, rounding out the favourite online reads list is Kelly Clarkson’s Carpool Karaoke, which is currently up on YouTube. I think she’s such a brilliant artist and a great role model. And this video really reminds me how astonishingly good her voice is, and also how funny she it. I love her.

-Fi x