Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #97

It’s a Friday and therefore time for me to share my highlights from the past seven days. I feel like the last one of these I wrote was ages ago and so much has happened in that time. But then I guess two weeks is 14 days and a girl can do a lot of stuff in 14 days! I’ve also just realised that today is the first of December – WHAT! I mean how did we get here? But also hooray for all the festive things that are almost upon us. Also judging by the speed that 2017 is flying by the 25th is going to be here in no time at all! But before we all panic about just how much needs to be done before that date let’s focus on my past week and the little things that made my week.

<>  First up on the list has to be Manchester. I had a wonderful time exploring the city and catching up with my fabulous friends. Someone said to me earlier this week that good friend were hard to find. And that’s absolutely true. Well I’ve found mine and I’m not letting them go.

<> Also on the same Manchester note I had a great time exploring the Northern Quarter. It’s not somewhere I’ve really been before, even though Fi was at uni in the city and I visited quite a lot. Well now I’m a big fan, and am already itching to get back there and explore it further.


<> Next on the highlights list is all the food! I made a truly scrummy and super easy pasta dish on Monday night. Pasta, salmon, courgette, spinach and tomatoes smothered in pesto. I don’t know why I haven’t done it before, but it’s definitely going to become a staple. Another dinner highlight was a bit of a using up all the food situation with a big pan of potatoes, ham, all the veg and eggs to make a breakfast scramble type thing which is definitely an old favourite.

<> What else is there to talk about this week? I must have more highlights!! Oh yes I must include last night’s trip back to Horsley for some arts and crafting fun. My Mum organised a trip to her local ceramics cafe which included champagne and pizza and painting and it was a great night. Going somewhere like this always reminds me how much I enjoy getting creative. I really should do it more often. Maybe that’s a resolution for the new year…

<> Oh yes, because of the trip out to the countryside I had puppy cuddles last night/this morning. Gosh I’ve missed that crazy bean. Also today marks the two year anniversary of the parental units rescuing that teeny tiny puppy and giving her a home. I know having a puppy in our lives has been the best thing ever – but I hope it’s been good for her too. From the looks of the below and her Instagram hashtag #lunaevanspup I think it just might be. The image on the left is her on day one and image on the right is her a couple of weeks ago. Doesn’t she look far less worried and much happier, or am I imagining it?


<> I’m currently reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for approximately the 576th time and it’s still wonderful. If a little long.

<> My heating is now on for an hour in the morning, as well as the three hours at night. It feels quite decadent to wake up warm and toasty, although it takes getting out of bed incredibly hard!

<> This week I’ve discovered The Guilty Feminist podcast and I’m obsessed! I mean I knew this existed before now but for one reason or another I hadn’t actually listened to an episode. But before my Manchester weekend I had a brief moment of prepping for the train journey and downloaded three episodes, and now I’m hooked. I found myself nodding along with so many of the points, and it’s also absolutely hysterical. It reminds me a little of The Last Leg, except, in podcast form and with women included! 

So there we have them my weekly highlights. It’s been a rather good one I would say. How has your last week of November been? And more importantly do you have your Christmas tree up yet? I’m trying to figure out when mine should go up…

Laura xx