Life Rambles: Last-Minute Gift Ideas

So there’s just a week until Christmas and I’m still panicking about the bits and bobs I haven’t yet bought. There’s always someone who is super-tricky to buy for. Someone you end up leaving until the last-minute to sort out present wise, isn’t there? Inevitably I then get panicked and just buy whatever I can find, which is never a good idea for anyone! So on that note, I thought I’d try to share some of last-minute gift ideas. These should all work for most people and that will still arrive in time for the big day – either because they’re local or because they don’t involve posting. Hopefully you’ll find it super helpful!

Last-Minute Gift Ideas - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

Make Them Something!

Granted making them a gift does mean you need a bit of time, but if you’re not seeing them until Christmas Day you can make the most of the weekend and knock something up then. I’m thinking super-yummy fudge, which requires just three ingredients or chocolate orange cookies or even a jar full of all the dry ingredients needed for cupcakes or biscuits. Whack the homemade treats in a jar, add some ribbon and hey presto you’re done. Super easy, and so thoughtful too!

Talking of making those last-minute gifts, what about creating a gorgeous hamper of treats? I love nothing more than getting food at Christmas, especially when it’s those bits and pieces I’d never treat myself to usually. If such delights came my way on Christmas day in a cute box or basket I’d be super happy. I bet you know someone who would be too.

Bookish Gifts

My best last-minute gift suggestion has to be to head to your local independent bookshop, or Waterstones and gift them a book. I guarantee you’ll find something, even if it’s just one book, no matter what they like or if they’re not a big reader. I’m a big fan of the Penguin Classics for everyone or beautiful picture books for little ones. And if they’re not big readers humour books are always a good idea – like the grown up editions of the Famous Five, Mr Men or the Ladybird Books for example. If you’re still struggling just pop in and ask the booksellers, they’ll know exactly what to suggest. Or check out Waterstones’ Christmas gift guide – there are loads of suggestions there.

Be Charitable

If you know they’re a bookish person but think they have enough books, why not consider gifting a book in their name? There are two brilliant ways you can do this. Firstly by donating books to children in care via Booktrust. Booktrust is the UK’s biggest reading charity and they are aiming to give a book to all 9,000 children in care this Christmas. By donating £10 to Booktrust you’ll be ensuring a child gets a book this Christmas. How awesome is that?

Talking of gifting books, the other people doing that this year are Knights of. They are a publisher focused on publishing more diverse books and ensuring they get into the hands of people who might not always see themselves in books. They’re doing this in many ways, but one is their Books Made Better Book Club. The aim of the club is to choose an inclusive book every two months and asks people to donate to get these books into the hands of schools, communities and individuals across the UK. The current read is A Change is Gonna Come an anthology from Black, Asian and Minority Ethic writers. A truly special book. And an important one too. So why not support the Knights of team?

Talking of lovely bookish, charitable things, what about donating to any charity in lieu of a present? I really like this idea and I’m actually considering it for a couple of people on my to buy for list. There are tons of options – like buying a bed for someone through Crisis at Christmas, or to donating to any charity on their behalf.

Downloadable Gifts

I’m always so impressed at the super creative people on Etsy who can create beautiful printable things. And what better way to show your support than buying something from them. Plus they’re great last-minute gift ideas thanks to the fact you don’t have to wrap anything! It’s even better if you have a decent printer to print your item on, but if you don’t have one just gifting it to someone else still works. I’m really hoping I get this gorgeous 2018 printable calendar this Christmas. Are you listening Santa?

My final suggestion for a last-minute gift idea? A magazine subscription. Again it is downloadable so you can shop from the comfort of your own home. Plus with nothing to wrap, you can buy and print it off just five minutes before you see the person you’re buying for. What’s not to love about that? Plus there’s a magazine for everyone out there – I’m a particular fan of Simple Things, The Week and delicious.

So there we go, my last-minute gift suggestions. I hope you find them helpful! Happy shopping!

-Fi x