Life Rambles: Stress Free December


It’s a well known fact around here that I like to take a weekend each month to do nothing. I’ve found that taking those two days and allowing myself moments to do nothing really help. It means an opportunity for a lie-in or time for a run and then there’s the option to be spontaneous. But in December that thinking seems to disappear out the window. I always seem to be so busy in December, why is that? It is filled will all the events; Christmas parties, work Christmas lunches, meet ups with friends, Christmas drinks and then the main event itself. Never mind New Year plans, present buying, the wrapping and the organising that comes hand-in-hand with the festivities. Talk about stressful! Anyway, I know that I want a stress free December so I’ve made a plan of how to stay clam and relaxed and enjoy the festive period that we are about to embark on.

Baking Festive Treats

Baking is like therapy for me. All of the mixing and kneading and taking random ingredients and turning them into a tasty treat is, for me, a calming experience. For Christmas I’m planning to bake mince pies, gingerbread, some melted snowman biscuits and perhaps some chocolate bark. I’m also contemplating some edible presents – although I better make a definite decision on that soon….

Say No

One thing that I know will allow me to have a stress free December is saying no to people. I’m going to say no to some events because If I’m going to see people at another time then I don’t NEED to see them the other two times as well. I’m learning that I can’t do everything, and that is totally okay.

Organise a Film Night

Is there anything more relaxing that a film night? I think not. A night of Netflix or Christmas films with a backdrop of twinkly fairy lights and Christmas themed snacks is guaranteed to create a stress free December. In fact on Sunday, with the snow falling, it was the perfect opportunity to make the most of doing nothing. So I snuggled under a blanket and watched my favourite Christmas film; Arthur Christmas. I honestly think I reached peak relaxation!

Christmas Reading

I’m a bookworm so of course I would need to add reading onto the ‘how to have a stress free December’ list. But at this time of year why not make it a festive book? From Matt Haig’s A Boy Called Christmas series or a festive crime tale from Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot’s Christmas or even a classic like The Nutcracker or A Christmas Carol. Whatever you choose I can guarantee that a couple of hours with a good book and a mug of something warm will chase away any stress that this year could bring. 

Have a Games Night

Dig out Trivial Pursuit, Bananagrams, The Logo Game, Articulate or just a pack of playing cards and have a games night. As an Evans, a games night is always on the agenda. A couple of hours of competitive fun and endless bouts of laughter is exactly what is needed. Especially when it includes a handful of your favourite people, a vat of mulled wine and a box of mince pies.

Winter Walks

When I’m at home with my parents we go on at least one walk a day. Even before the dog we did this, I think it was a way to balance out all the festive food! Anyway there’s something about a long meandering walk through nature that really blows the cobwebs away and clears your head. Also it’s impossible to be stressed when you’re surrounded by trees and followed by a bounding puppy!

So there we have it the little ways that I am going to have a stress free December. Honestly it’s already working. I’ve had the most relaxing weekend and I feel suitably refreshed ready for the busy week ahead! What gets you through this festive time of year?

Laura xx