2018 Reading Resolution

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As we’re coming towards the end of January it seems sensible to take stock of how I’m doing with my 2018 reading resolution. Or more accurately, my one resolution for the whole year(!). The plan with this reading resolution was to curb my book buying habit. I own over 100 books that I’ve yet to read – across my Kindle and my bookshelf – and yes I still seem to find new books to buy. Probably four or five a month, minimum. Plus I have a lot of friends at other publishing companies who send me lovely books too. All of this means that I have a serious book problem and no real way of getting out of it. So something has to give, and that’s the buying part of the equation.

So that’s where my reading resolution comes in.  I’m not allowing myself to buy any more books. At least until the TBR pile is a lot smaller. And judging by the size of it a year seems a sensible length of time… So how’s it going, I hear you cry?

Well, honestly, it’s not been too bad. I’ve stuck to it so far and haven’t bought a single new book. Hooray! Granted I did do one last book order on New Year’s Eve, which arrived in the first week of January. So that made things easier I’m sure as I got new books without buying any. But I also haven’t felt the need to buy any new books. Don’t get me wrong there have been books I’ve seen and wanted to read, but I’ve not been close to buying any books yet. I’m sure that’s because I’ve chosen such good books to read this month, maybe if I was in a reading rut things would be different!

There are five things that are helping me keep this reading resolution, which I’ve outlined below. I genuinely think I’d have failed without them!

What I’m doing to help my complete my reading resolution:

*Book vouchers are allowed. I got some vouchers for Christmas and I’m saving these up for later in the year, when the need to buy a book is present! This is still allowed as I’m not using my own money to buy the books, so technically I’m not breaking the resolutions rules. I’m already considering what I’ll spend my voucher on, at the moment it’s going on the new Sarah J Maas books as she has new books out this year and I know I’ll want them as soon as they’re published!

*Pester your friends. As mentioned above I have a lot of friends who work in publishing so I’ve been pestering them to send me their latest releases. But only when I REALLY want to read them. As otherwise that’s just adding to the TBR pile issue. And that’s been a lifesaver so far. It’s thanks to them that I’ve read the new Melinda Salisbury book, Sorrow, and Louise O’Neill’s upcoming YA, The Surface Breaks.

*Borrow books from others. I need to make more of this point as Laura has a whole shelf of books I’ve yet to read. So next time I think my bookshelves are boring or lacking anything interesting to read I’m going to head there. I think that might come in handy next month.

*Use Netgalley more. I’ve been signed up for Netgalley for ages but I’ve not actually requested anything. That’s changed this month as I’ve read two books from there. And these are books that I know I’d have bought otherwise – The Girl in the Tower and The Wicked Cometh. With Netgalley you can download certain upcoming books for a limited time, you just have to request them from the publisher. Once you’ve been accepted they send the manuscript to your Kindle. It’s that simple and a great way to read more, without any associated cost. The dream right now! You just have to review the books, and have a good social media presence.

*’Shop’ your bookshelf. This is the most important point of the whole 2018 reading resolution and the reason I was doing it in the first place. I have to shop my TBR shelves. To be fair some of my books have been on the shelf for years and I’ve forgotten about them so shopping them again will make it feel like the book is brand new. Result!

*Visit the library. This is my plan for later in the year. When things are getting very desperate in terms of wanting books. After all libraries are such a valuable part of our society and I really don’t use them enough.

So there we go, those are my life-saving ideas that are allowing me to complete my 2018 reading resolution. And yes I know it’s only been a month but I’m really quite pleased that I’ve not bought any books yet. Go me! Now does anyone want to buy me a book as a reward? That would be really lovely!

-Fi x