2018 Travel Plans

Going back to work in January is hard, it feels like there’s nothing to look forward to, because it’s so cold and dark. I’m usually out of the house before the sun is up, and back home after it sets, so the days seem to all roll into one and everything can get a little weary. As a result I like to focus on all the little things that can pull me out of that drudgery. I talked about a lot of those things recently in my January plans post and today I want to expand on one of those. Holiday planning. Time off work is precious and I want to use mine wisely, so I’m currently trying to figure out exactly what my 2018 travel plans are. 

I’m definitely not the sort of person who has all their trips for the upcoming year booked before the New Year’s Eve bell has even tolled. But by the time mid-January tolls around I do like to have some idea about where I’m going to be travelling next. I’m planning a big trip this year, but I also want to ensure I make the most of European city breaks and UK travel.

So without further ado let’s jump straight into my 2018 travel plans.


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UK Based


I’m not sure when this is going to happen, but I will definitely be heading up to visit friends in Leeds. I love these weekends in Leeds, it’s obviously good to catch up with friends, plus I get a guided tour around the best spots by someone who knows the city. Win, win!


After Oxford last year I’m particularly keen to visit Cambridge. I feel like I should have visited both Oxbridge universities by now, but I haven’t. Well I’ve been to the outskirts of Cambridge and seen one of the colleges, but I don’t really remember that. So 2018 is the year that this changes. I’ll wander along the Cambridge streets and go punting along the River Cam. Plus maybe I’ll become cleverer by osmosis.


Again I’m not sure where, but I do want to get back to Kent soon. I like the idea of exploring the Kent coast further, maybe Broadstairs or Margate or even back to Deal. I totally fell in love with Deal three years ago, so it would be lovely to head back there. There’s a lovely coffee shop that I would be incredibly happy to go back to asap.


Cornwall was on the 2017 travel plan but it didn’t actually happen. So I’ll try again this year. I’m thinking possibly for my birthday in the spring. Spring in Cornwall must be nice, right. The sea is my happy place so I love the idea of enjoying a stroll along the beach to welcome in a brand new year. I haven’t narrowed down the where in Cornwall yet. Possibly St. Ives, but also maybe not. Any ideas?


It’s easy to forget how lucky we are living in the UK. I mean we are so close to mainland Europe, it’s amazing! I managed to fit three European city breaks into my 2017 travel plans. Paris with my sisters and Mum was so lovely, the Christmas markets in Hamburg felt so Christmassy and Salzburg with all five Evanses was so special and, I think, my travel highlight for 2017. I’d really like to do something similar this year too, plus it would be fab to tick off a brand new European country or two.

Budapest, Hungary

It’s looking like the family Evans trip will be to Budapest in 2018. Still TBC but hopefully sometime in the spring we’ll be winging our way to Budapest. I’m super excited to explore Budapest, see the Danube River and of course sample some traditional Hungarian cuisine. Hello goulash!

Faro, Portugal

Portugal is always on the yearly travel plans. But while in the Algarve this year I’d like to explore Faro more. I fly into this city each year, and yet never explore it. I’m totally on-board with a few days of narrow cobbled streets, historic architecture and stopping for coffee and pastel de natas.


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Lisbon, Portugal

Another Portugal city I’d like to get to this year is Lisbon. It looks amazing, steep hills, trams and colourful buildings everywhere. It seems to be a big favourite with everyone and I am seeing blog posts about it everywhere. So 2018 is the year of actually getting there!

Another last minute city break

I’m not sure where yet, but I like the idea of checking out another city near the end of the year. Hamburg in December last year was so much fun. So I’m currently brainstorming options for a winter’s weekend away. I’d like another brand new country and a Christmas market. Perhaps somewhere in Scandanavia… Answers on a postcard please.

Further Afield


This is obviously my big trip of the year. Details are still TBC but I am definitely going to head down under this year to visit family. I’ll definitely be heading to a Sydney suburb to visit my Nanna and my Aunt and Uncle. Then I’ll do a stop in Sydney to see friends. Then there’s Perth, which I’ve never visited before. And if I can fit it in I might try to drive the Great Ocean Road too. We’ll see how well the time stretches, but I’m hoping I can make it all work. Phew!

Writing this all down makes me realise that it’s going to be a busy year of travelling. Here’s hoping that’s true. I mean I haven’t booked anything yet, so this plan could go completely differently!

Have you visited any of these places? Do you have any tips of where to go and what to see? Do send them my way. And tell me, what are your travel plans for the year ahead? Do you have long haul flights planned or are you looking to explore a little closer to home this year?

Laura xx