How to Spend 48 Hours in Hamburg

Last December we went away for a sisters’ trip to Hamburg and had the best time! I didn’t really know what to expect from our trip as I hadn’t done a massive amount of planning or research in advance. But it turns out Hamburg is an awesome city. As such I’d highly recommend it for a weekend away, there’s plenty to do but not so much that you’ll be exhausted by having to rush around like a crazy person during your trip. Always key when planning a weekend away so close to Christmas!

Read on for my suggestion of how to spend 48 hours in Hamburg.

How to spend 48 hours in Hamburg: Have a wander

I’m a big fan of trying to get a feel for a city straightaway so if you’re anything like me the first thing you’ll want to do on arrival is wander for a few hours. That’s exactly what we did, grabbed food and went exploring. We started at the station before heading to the Rathaus, then across to the lake and into the main shopping area. Hamburg is great as it’s small enough that you can wander around it fairly easily and I felt like I’d got my bearings after only a few hours there.

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How to spend 48 hours in Hamburg: The Christmas Markets

The main impetus for the trip, apart from spending quality time together, was to finally go to a proper German Christmas market. Ever since I went to University in Manchester and discovered German Christmas markets I’ve been obsessed with going to one in Germany. Rather than in a UK city. Not that the UK ones are bad, they’re not, they’re incredible. I just knew that if they were that good over here they must be insanely good in their country of birth. We spent a lot of time at the markets. From drinking hot apple juice and mulled wine to stay warm or scoffing fried potato cakes and frites. And my absolute favourite, bratwurst for dinner followed by mini pancakes or crepes. And then there were the non-food stalls. Like the stalls selling Christmas decorations and scarves, wooden toys or candles. In short the German markets in Hamburg are incredible. I would go back again in a shot just to visit them!

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How to spend 48 hours in Hamburg: Wander the Canals

So there are canals in Hamburg. Who knew? Not me that’s for sure. Hamburg’s canal area is so reminiscent of Amsterdam, it’s crazy! If you can I’d definitely recommend wandering around the canals, there’s even one spot where you can head onto the jetty in the canal to get a better view of the surrounding buildings. Buildings which are tall and thin and in the traditional red brick. Just like you’d expect to see in Amsterdam. As we were exploring the canal area we spotted a number of really cute restaurants that I’d recommend stopping in. There’s one that was all about potatoes. Sign me up!

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How to spend 48 hours in Hamburg: Visit Miniatur Wonderland

I appreciate that it sounds like I’ve lost the plot when I tell you that Hamburg’s Miniature Wonderland is a must visit. But hear me out, I beg you. You won’t regret it! Hamburg’s Miniatur Wonderland is an old converted warehouse that has the most incredible and intricate miniature world spread across its three floors. We’re talking a miniature version of Hamburg Airport that has planes taking off, thousands of metres of train line, a miniature Vegas strip, mini people celebrating their football team winning in a replica of Hamburg’s stadium. It’s honestly the most impressive thing I’ve seen. And so so life-like. I’ll share a longer post about the genius that is Miniatur Wonderland soon but just remember you must visit it. Even if it does sound a little bit weird…

48 Hours in Hamburg - Out and About - This and That Blog

So there we have it my list of things you must do if you have 48 hours in Hamburg. I hope that’s useful if you’re planning a trip and if you’ve never considered Hamburg then I implore you to consider it in December. The Christmas markets are incredible. You won’t regret it.

-Fi x