Friday Favourites #104

Happy Friday team! Does anyone else feel like we’re coming out of the longest week ever, I swear it’s been ten days long at least. What’s with that? Here’s hoping that once February arrives time will start to go at a normal pace. A girl can dream right? Despite it’s ridiculous length this week has been quite lovely and packed with joyful things. So let’s get discussing this favourites shall we?

<> First up this week was the one where I finally got to watch Hamilton. After two years of constantly listening to the soundtrack and a year since purchasing tickets I sat down to watch this musical extravaganza. And I loved every second. It amazingly lived up to my crazy expectations, I adored every moment. It was honestly the most astonishing thing I’ve even seen on the stage. The casting (apart from two people) was spot on, the staging was magnificent, the energy was overwhelming and it was so funny. I went from all the emotions to hilarity multiple times throughout the night and I loved it. It really was incredible to see something I’ve been so obsessed with in the flesh. The next release of tickets go on sale on Monday and I implore you to buy tickets. You won’t regret it.



<> Next up we have some more lovely music. I’ve recently rediscovered Aretha Franklin on Spotify and it’s bringing me such joy. There’s nothing better to listen to when you’re trying to get all the things done than ‘I’m Every Woman’, ‘RESPECT’ and ‘Son of a Preacher Man’. What incredible songs.

<> Also on this week’s Friday favourites post, Friends. I’ve finally started the re-watch on Netflix and it’s just so good. It’s still hilarious and there’s so many moments I’d forgotten about – at least five forgotten moments in episode one alone. I can’t wait to watch more this weekend!

<> In more exciting news I’ve finally booked two of my 2018 trips this week. Hurrah! After discussing it for ages I’ve now booked both Budapest and Australia. Well I’ve booked the flights at least, I still need to fine tune the rest of the trip. but still, hooray for trip planning! Less happy about how few holiday days I have left for the rest of the year…

<> Talking of planning the year, I received two wedding invites this week. Eek! Two of my best university friends are getting married, in May and July respectively, and I’m so excited to celebrate with them. I’m hoping also that I’ll be able to extend both weddings into UK holidays too as they’re both outside of London. So I’ll be adding Liverpool, Chester and Wiltshire to my UK holiday list. Double yeah!



<> Last week I finally had my first Lumiere London experience. I can’t believe I’ve missed it in the past – it’s incredible. I’m already counting down the days until next year’s event.

<> I’ve caught up with some friends this week and had the loveliest of times with them. There’s nothing quite like putting the world to rights over a drink (or two) is there? I really should make this a more common occurrence!

<> This weekend I’m off to Surrey to see the family (and dog) and I’m so excited. It’s been a while since we were all together. So a good old natter over a roast dinner sounds the ideal way to spend 24 hours. And also perfect for getting me out of this ‘why is January so looooong?’ funk that I appear to be in!

So there we go my favourites list! What would be on yours?

-Fi x