Life Rambles: My Hopes for 2018

Happy New Year! Is everyone excited for 2018? I certainly am. I mean I’m totally missing the Christmas fun, but there’s something wonderful about the potential that a new year can bring. I’m not a new year resolutions type of person, but I do like the idea of thinking about hopes for the year ahead. I like thinking about what may happen with my year, without having to worry about any guilt that would come with setting a resolution. Last year I wrote about my Hopes for 2017, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to review those before sharing a few hopes for 2018.




My hopes from 2017 – reviewed

Attend a Park Run. I’m clearly off to a good start because this one didn’t happen! There’s absolutely no reason why I didn’t make it to a Park Run. However, I did complete my fourth Half Marathon so my running in 2017 was still on good form. Plus I embraced running home from work which I really really liked, and I managed to do quite a bit of running along the river, so I’m pleased with that. So while it would have been nice to do a Park Run, I’m happy with how my running went in 2017.

Time to do Nothing. In 2017 I hoped that I would be able to give myself some weekends with zero plans. This became a habit midway through 2016, and I found it really helped me to relax. I haven’t checked exactly how many weekends I gave myself but I do know that I consciously allowed myself room to breathe. This is pretty much a habit now, and not something that I have to tell myself to do. So thank you 2017 for that.

Explore my City. This is an obvious one. I wanted to make the most of living in London and do more than just commute through the city. I also wanted to explore more locally too. Well, I think I managed both of those. I’ve investigated the second-hand bookshop nearby, and I’ve tried a couple of new pubs too. Plus there have been nights at the theatre, playing crazy golf in the city and wandering along the canals of London, which I hadn’t previously visited. Oh and I’ve explored nearby Morden Hall Park a couple of times too.

Read 50 Books. I love reading and I spend 40 minutes each day commuting so a reading challenge is a pretty obvious one for me. One of my hopes for 2017 was to read 50 books, and actually I read 61. I made more of an effort on my commute to put my phone away and bury my nose in a book, and it paid off. A few of my favourite reads in 2017 were The Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson, Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo, Arrowood by Mick Finlay, The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, The Guggenheim Mystery by Robin Stevens, The Good Immigrant by Nikesh Shukla, The Nowhere Man by Gregg Hurwitz and Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi.


Make House Progress. I knew we weren’t going to get everything done in 2017, as a good chunk of money would be needed, but we made good progress. We’ve now got shelves up in two rooms(my bedroom and our living room), the fireplace has been removed and we now have a clean space to work with. We’ve also painted most of our back room, and completed the painting in the living room and bathroom. So it’s been a productive one this year. Oh and we’ve sorted out our garden – we’ve got some plants in the bed and I started growing tomatoes too. 

Wake up Earlier. A further hope for 2017 was to wake up earlier and make the most of it. Now while I’ve not done a 6am wake up everyday, I have averaged two days a week with a 6am swim. Not perfect, but not bad either. 

More Time with my Favourite People. So this one definitely happened. Looking back 2017 was jam-packed with family and friends time. We explored new places, but also just got together for drinks or dinner or lazy weekends in London or Surrey or Leeds. Blissful. 

I’m happy with how my hopes for 2017 worked out. I wasn’t actively working on doing any of these which I think is what helped. No pressure always helps because if there’s one thing I know, it’s that I don’t deal well with pressure.

My hopes for 2018

Read 50 books. I think I could probably up this goal but I don’t want to put any pressure on myself. Plus I want to complete my reread of Harry Potter this year and both Half Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows are quite lengthy. Once again I’ll be tracking this over on GoodReads so stop by there if you are interest. 

Blog Stuff. We had a huge blog mishap in 2017 when Photobucket started charging to host images. This has meant we have had to transfer our photo hosting somewhere else. Which means going through all old blog posts and updating the images. We’ve also been correcting the SEO on those old posts at the same time. As you can imagine this is taking a while, mainly because I’m more focused on new content rather than correcting the old stuff. Anyway, I’d hope that this would be fixed at some point during 2018. 

Travel Plans. I’m hoping to get to Australia this year. I really really like to visit my Nanna and the rest of our family out there. As well as two friends. I’m hopeful that I might get this booked before the end of January. If I do I will be so happy. I’m also thinking about a trip to Cornwall in 2018. I haven’t been there since I was a child, so I hope that I can make it work this year. I figure with a long haul Australia flight, the rest of my travelling will need to be more local, so it’s the perfect opportunity to check out Cornwall. Also, I should be able to fit a Portugal trip in too.

Spend Less and Save More. A pretty obvious one, but in order to do Australia and some of our house plans I will need to get on top of money this year. I’m hoping I can curb my random spending and save instead.

Attend a Park Run. So I’m moving this one from 2017 straight onto my hopes for 2018 list. I’ve not got any big races planned, so surely, surely I can make at least one Park Run this year.

Swimming Plans. Something that was totally unexpected in 2017 was just how much time I would spend swimming. For the majority of 2017 I made it to the pool twice a week, and I loved it. Yes, it means a 6am start. But there’s something energizing about an early morning swim. Plus it’s good to get a workout done before work. I honestly feel like those early starts set me up for the day. So I hope that this habit will continue. 

What are your hopes for 2018. Do you make resolutions? Or are they just not for you?

Laura xx

Image Credit: Photo by Jan Kahánek on Unsplash