Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #102

Greetings friends and happy Saturday! And yes that does mean my Friday favourites post is a day late. Please forgive me. The first full work week of 2018 has been full on. There’s been much stress and lots of must-dos. And frankly that coupled with some dreadful commutes and a general feeling of exhaustion has ruined me this week. I have no excuse other than life being full on.

But I hope your week has been better and less hectic? Do you feel like you’re finally back into the swing of things now? I’m hopeful that come Monday I’ll be back to being productive and awake and, you know, a generally well-functioning human. We shall see! Until then though let’s dive into my Friday Favourites list for the week.

First up we have cooking yummy stuff! I’ve seen a lot of people on my Instagram feed taking part in #CookJan. I think it’s a great idea and while I haven’t signed up for it per se, I am trying to cook more in January. I just won’t beat myself up when I do a fish and chip shop trip (or two) this month. So on that them this week has been about cooking lovely food from scratch. We’ve had homemade soup (recipe coming soon I promise), chicken pilaf in the slow cooker, veggie chilli, banana bread and homemade breakfasts and lunches every day this week, bar Friday lunch. I’m pretty pleased with myself and have definitely enjoyed yummy, veg packed dishes.

iday Favourites #102 - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

On that yummy food note, I went out for brunch last Sunday and had the most perfect concoction of ham hock hash browns with spinach, poached egg and sausage gravy. It was incredible. If you’re ever near Foxlow in Balham you must head in. You won’t be disappointed, the food is delicious.

Also making the Friday favourites list this week we have the delights of a good book. I’ve read two books this week, both of which I’d highly recommend, not least the incredibly State of Sorrow, the brilliant new book from Melinda Salisbury. This is a tale of political intrigue, secrets, families and grief and I adored every page. Definitely check it out when it’s released later this year.

iday Favourites #102 - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

Also making me happy this week? The return of How to Get Away with Murder, gin with friends, board game marathons, cinema trips with friends, peanut M&M’s (can’t be beaten, can they), falling down a YouTube hole and treating myself. Oh and the opposite of treating myself? Sending back a huge ASOS order as nothing was perfect. Just think of the money I’ve saved!

I know that at the beginning of this post I moaned about some terrible commutes this week. But really they haven’t all been that bad and even when they have, like when I got chucked a tube stop or two early, it’s still been okay. As I’ve been faced with either a lovely wintry walk, a new view of London or the excuse to treat myself to a coffee on the longer commute. So I really shouldn’t complain.

iday Favourites #102 - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

The final thing on my Friday Favourites list is me, right now. I’m sitting on my bed alternating between lots of little tasks. Like organising my life, reading my book, blogging, updating my bullet journal, doing life admin and perusing the January sales. Quite a lovely way to spend a Saturday if you ask me. Especially as I’m snuggled up in my new Cath Kidston PJ bottoms as I type. It’s most certainly the little things that make a big difference!

So there we go, my Friday favourites post is finally up, a day late but no less full of lovely things. Tell me, what would make your happy things list this week?

-Fi x