My January Plans

January is definitely not my most favourite time of the year. The excitement and magic of Christmas is all boxed up and it’s cold and dark. Yes, I love the fresh air and blue skies, but they don’t last long each day. Both my brain and body find it hard to do anything at this time of year, unless it’s sleeping or snuggling under blankets. For me January is a time for looking after myself with long walks, lazy Sundays and baking. Most other animals hibernate, but alas apparently we humans cannot do that. But what we can do is go slow and look after ourselves. So that’s exactly what my January plans entail:

A spot of baking – Baking to me, is utterly relaxing. The following of the recipe, the stirring of the mixture, the dancing around the kitchen to the radio while clearing up. It’s like therapy, it just makes for a happier me. Plus there’s the licking of the bowl too!

Roast dinners – is there anything more warming? My January plans include making my own, tucking into my parents epic version and eating out at the local pub too.

Cozying up with a pile of blankets and a good book – When the world gets a little too much then it’s time to make a nest of blankets and settle in with a good book.

Hot chocolate piled with marshmallows – Sometimes coffee doesn’t cut it. For those times only a decadent hot chocolate will do. Smooth and creamy and piled high with melting marshmallows.

Countryside walks with the dog – A winter walk is one of my favourite things. It’s a chance to get out into nature and blow those cobwebs away. It’s a bonus if you can get a bounding dog to join you too.

Freshly baked bread and homemade soup – It wouldn’t be winter without a feast of homemade bread and soup. I made my first batch of soup last weekend (a spicy chickpea and sweet potato) and I’m planning to make some bread this coming weekend. My January plans will include as much of both of these as possible.

Holiday planning – It wouldn’t be January without planning for the months ahead. And time exploring new places is key to a happy me.

Brunch – I’m keen to continue to explore my local area, and with that comes the local brunch places. Good food, good company and all the coffee. Bliss.

Tackling a jigsaw or two – Jigsaws are my new obsession. I’m on my second of 2018, and thoroughly enjoying myself.

Sunday morning runs – but I won’t make myself guilty if I don’t go for a run. Life is too short for that, so I will only run when I want to run.

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Lie-ins – My January plans definitely include lie-ins. I don’t yet have many weekend plans, so I’m hoping that I can use at least one day a weekend to have a slower start. Either by sleeping later, or at least if I’m awake not getting up straight away. 

A soak in the bath – Is there anything more dreamy that a long soak in the bath? Nope I don’t think so. Especially not after a long run at the weekends. It’s a good excuse to crank up the hot water and indulge in a lot of bubbles. I just wish I had a rolltop bath. Can you imagine?

Crossword puzzles – I love completing crossword puzzles. There’s something so satisfying about completing one. I do the general knowledge version, but I’d like to get better at the cryptic kind. I sometimes ‘help’ my Dad with the cryptic one and get so excited if I manage to get an answer. Which is usually after he’s broken the clue down for me – so I’ve a way to go yet! 

Listening to the radio – I’m finding Classic FM particularly relaxing right now.

Bowls of popcorn and a good film – Possible the perfect Saturday night in. A classic film and a giant bowl of popcorn. I’m talking the homemade kind where you pop the kernels yourself and then smother them in syrup, before adding a bag of M&Ms and mixing the whole lot together.

What are your January plans this year?

Laura xx