Friday Favourites #107

Greetings one and all and happy Friday. Once again I am surprised that we’ve reached this day already, but also forever grateful that the week has flown by. Perhaps that should be point one on this favourite things list. What do you think? Does it count? Anyway I have had a week with minimal plans and it has been lovely. Sometimes when I have a quiet week it’s even easier to make a list of my favourite things.

<> Sunday was spent puppy sitting and it was blissful. We organised a long walk with friends local to my parents house and stamped through all the muddy puddles and woodland that we could find. Luna absolutely loved it and we tired her out so much that she spent the afternoon asleep on my feet.

<> Post dog walk we popped into Pinnock’s cafe in Ripley village. We feasted on delicious sandwiches and curled up in sofas while we nattered away about ALL the things.




<> The Winter Olympics. I spent my whole Saturday watching the Winter Olympics and I am now an expert on luging and team ice skating. Or at least I think I’m an expert! 

<> On Monday I took a lunchtime stroll along the river and it was lovely. It was the perfect way to clear the cobwebs away and psych myself up for the afternoon.

<> Also on Monday I made sweet potato faijtas for dinner. They are still my favourite meal.

<> I ordered my first OddBox over the weekend. It’s due to arrive on Friday night/Saturday morning and I cannot wait to see what we get. It’s a weekly or fortnightly fruit and veg box, made up of wonky produce that big shops won’t take. And the best thing? It’s all produce from the UK. Isn’t that amazing?




<> Also Pancake Day. I can’t possibly talk about my favourite things from the week without mentioning this excellent day. We had a little pancake party on Tuesday and then pancakes again on Wednesday because we made too much batter. But if you can’t have pancakes on Valentine’s day then what is the actual point of life? Seriously though I do not have pancakes enough, this needs to change asap.

<> Has anyone else watched the new McCain advert yet? It’s wonderful. Also there’s a dog right at the end •insert heart emoji here*.

How has your week been? What has made you happy this week?

Laura xx