Friday Favourites #108

Greetings friends, and how are you this very chilly Friday? I for one have had an awesome week, despite the weird weather. Has anyone else felt like we’ve had two very different seasons this week. There were a couple of days at the weekend when I almost felt like spring was here. I only needed a light scarf and managed to carry my coat for longer than I wore it. And then yesterday happened and we’ve been plunged back into winter. With temperatures barely going above 4 degrees. I am so not here for such disparity, especially as I thought spring had arrived. Anyway, on a more positive note let’s discuss the things that have made my week lovely, onwards to the Friday favourites list!

Friday Favourites 108 - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

<> First up this week we’ve been enjoying our very first Oddbox and I’m converted. We pay just under £10 every fortnight for the delivery of a box full of odd-shaped fruit and veg that’s either been rejected by supermarkets or is surplus to requirements. It was delivered in the early hours to a designated safe place in our garden and we awoke to a box full of cabbage, apples, tomatoes, salad leaves, Jerusalem artichokes and pears. And everything we’ve eaten so far has been so delicious, you can really tell that the produce is grown relatively locally and delivered asap so it’s nice and fresh.

<> Number two on today’s Friday Favourites list is my weekend plans, which are excellent. That’s because it’s the first of our regular besties catch ups, this time in London. We have plans for pizza and Harry Potter inspired cocktails tonight, followed by London exploring accompanied by all the food tomorrow before brunch and a final natter on Sunday. I can’t wait! Catching up with these three ladies is always a great weekend and November, the date of our last catch up, was far too long ago.

<> We had a random mid-week family dinner this week at the Loch Fyne local to my parents and it was so lovely. It made a change to go out for a random dinner for no reason whatsoever. And as ever the food at Loch Fyne was off the charts good.

<> I know it’s been cold recently, but one weather related change that I’ve really enjoyed has been the lighter evenings and morning. It’s made such a difference to actually see some daylight for a change. I always forget how much of a difference it makes to actually be outside in the light during the working week. Definitely a worthy addition to this week’s Friday favourites post!

Friday Favourites 108 - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

<> Has anyone else been mildly obsessed with the Winter Olympics over the last couple of weeks? I’ve loved every second of it! We’ve made it a habit to watch the coverage at 7pm every night when we’ve been in and Saturday mornings have become Olympic day where we sit on the sofa for as long as possible watching all of that day’s action. I think the luge and ski racing has been my favourite. They’re such fun to watch and when we won gold and bronze last weekend I was beside myself with excitement. Lord knows what I’ll do on Sunday when there’s no sport to watch.

<> And the final thing making today’s Friday favourites post is a long overdue catch up with one of my uni pals over the weekend. We caught up for lunch and a very leisurely shopping trip in Reading and it was just the nicest. We set the world to rights over delicious bowls of pasta (thanks Jamie’s Italian) before buying all the lovely things. I was relatively restrained and only got three things, some Lush bath bombs, this gorgeous grey blazer and a new pair of my favourite M&S jeans. I mean at £22.50 for the best fitting jeans in the history of the world how could I say no?

Friday Favourites 108 - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

Tell me, how’s your week been? What’s been the best part of it, apart from the fact that it’s nearly the weekend of course!

-Fi x