A Birthday Wishlist – 2018

It’s been six months since I last shared a wishlist on this blog, I don’t know why. Maybe because I’ve been trying to buy less, and think more about what I do buy. And with this I’ve been staying away from online shopping, and therefore not finding things for a wishlist post. But that is no more, you see it’s my birthday in two weeks and therefore I am allowed to make a birthday wishlist. In fact surely it is encouraged at this time of year, no?

I’m hoping at least a few of you agree with me. And if I know you in real life you may be wondering what to get me for said birthday. So the below birthday wishlist should help…


birthday 2018

fingers crossed / everything will be fine / dog person / pom pom bedding / jumper / sandals / mug

Like most years I don’t actually need anything for my birthday. Which is pretty great as I can be as creative as I like with my birthday wishlist. Which is also pretty funny as my creativity extends to awesome coloured jumpers, a pile of books and new bedding. So you know I’m not thinking outside the box at all here!

I am contemplating adding a mini iPad to my birthday list. My Kindle Fire is dying and needs a replacement, and a mini iPad seems like the best fit. Especially with my upcoming trip to Australia in June, I’m going to need all the help I can get to survive that flight! Alongside the iPad, I’m also eyeing up a pair of headphones. I use the apple earphones for day-to-day use, but I think for a long haul flight these from Typo might be better. Plus look at the colour of these!

We all know that I have a jumper obsession and that mustard is my favourite colour so I’m clearly fangirl-ing over the latest avid readers club jumper from Joanie. I’ve also been eyeing up this strong girls club jumper from Muthahood, I’m a big fan.

Now as for books, of course there are a good few on my birthday wishlist; The Pearl Sister by Lucinda Riley, The Secret Life of the Owl by John Lewis-Stempel, Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld and Women & Power: A Manifesto by Mary Beard.

So for now this is my birthday wishlist. Like I said, it’s nothing too fancy or over the top (apart from the iPad), it’s just what I’ve seen and can’t stop thinking about. What would be on your wishlist if you were making one?

Laura xx