Currently Watching

It’s cold and chilly, we’ve had snow-maggedon and all I want to do is stay cosy and warm inside all of the time. It’s not just me right? We’re all doing it. Cosy nights in front of the TV, soups and stews cooking on a Sunday afternoon, and a candle burning at every opportunity. That’s my life right now, and I’m fully embracing it. The good news is that with all of my cosy time I have been able to make my way through some excellent TV. And that’s what I’m sharing today; what I am currently watching.

Manhunt: Unabomber (Netflix)

I’m only two episodes into this Netflix series but I think it has enough potential to mention in this currently watching list. With a cast including Sam Worthington and Paul Bettany this is a dramatisation of the real life events of how a FBI profiler helped catch Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber. If, like me, you’re a fan of Criminal Minds then this is probably right up your street.

Queer Eye (Netflix)

Did you ever watch the original series of this? I remember watching a few episodes and loving it. I’m always ready for a reality TV makeover show so when I saw that Netflix were bringing this back I was totally onboard. Each week the five gay hosts help change the life of a different person. They go in and renovate their house, update their wardrobe and inspire them with the confidence to be themselves. They’re so well-meaning and lovely and also hilarious! And the truly care about the people they’re helping. I’ve got one episode left and I’m refusing to watch it, instead I’m saving it for when I really need a pick me up. Because that is exactly what it is. A funny, lovable show that just makes me smile from ear to ear. The only thing missing is a revisit to each person. I would be so interested to see each of them 6 months later.

Peaky Blinders (Netflix and BBC)

Okay so I’m definitely late to the party on this one. Honestly I’ve lost count of the number of people who told me to watch this show. Set in 1920s Birmingham the show follows the Shelby crime family, also know as the Peaky Blinders. I’m currently watching series two and I am utterly hooked. The show is full of crime, family and historic references. I’m particularly enjoying seeing post-war England. And I find the canals fascinating too. Obviously my favourite character is Tommy, who heads up the Peaky Blinders with his brothers. But there are some strong women characters too, and I think in another life I’d have like to have known Ada and Polly.

Strike: Career of Evil (BBC)

As a fan of anything written by J. K. Rowling of course I’ve read her Strike series of books. Career of Evil is a TV adaptation of the third book in the Strike series, it’s a two-parter and has the usual dark scenes and twisted characters plus Strike and Robin running through London trying to solve the crime. It’s the perfect watch for a dark evening, and I’m always on the edge of my seat waiting to see what gruesome event is coming next. Career of Evil doesn’t disappoint. Unfortunately there are currently no more Strike books published, so I reckon we’ll have to wait a little while before this series returns.

How to Get Away with Murder (Sky Living & Netflix)

American writer and producer Shonda Rhimes is responsible for some of my favourite TV shows. From Grey’s Anatomy to Scandal and Private Practice I am obsessed with anything that she creates. But right now How to Get Away with Murder is at the top of the list. It’s a slick drama starring Viola Davis as a law professor who mentors five law students. The fourth and final series is currently airing on Sky (Netflix has a couple of the other series if you need to catch up) and it has me utterly hooked. The characters, the storylines, the flashbacks, it all just works really well. I’m on tenterhooks waiting to see what happens next for Annalise Keating. Also there’s a crossover episode with Scandal coming up, which I cannot wait to watch!

So there you have it, what I’m currently watching. What shows are you obsessed with at the moment? What should I be watching and what should I be steering clear off. Please do share.



* Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash